Analysts Say Ripple XRP, Maker MKR, Tradecurve Have Huge Potential, But Which Crypto Could 50X

By NewsBTC July 17, 2023 In Maker, Ripple, Trading

After unlocking $1 billion worth of XRP tokens, analysts believe that Ripple could surge over Q3. At the same time, Maker’s price has jumped by 55% in seven days, and Tradecurve has recently hit a new all-time high. But which project could see 50X returns?

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Will The XRP Lawsuit Trigger An Increase In Price?

XRP has been in a legal dispute against the SEC for several years. However, new reports suggest that this dispute may soon lead to a conclusion. The result could have profound effects, potentially causing XRP to surge or crash in value.

During this dispute, XRP has become one of the most popular assets in the DeFi space. Its daily trading volume has consistently surpassed $1 billion, and its value has spiked to annual highs over the past several months.


At the time of writing, XRP was trading at $0.4659, and its daily trading volume was $935 million. Many experts believe that the result of the XRP lawsuit could be good news for XRP, potentially triggering a surge before the end of 2023. However, given that the result could go either way, some investors are holding back from XRP, and instead choosing projects like Tradecurve.

Maker Is Up 55% In Seven Days

Maker (MKR) hit an eight-month high of $1,075 in the past week as a result of three protocol updates. These updates spiked Maker’s trading volume and attracted several crypto whales. These whales accumulated $17.7 million in Maker tokens, which went to six newly created wallets.

Furthermore, Maker hit a new milestone when it comes to fees. Post update, Maker quickly hit its daily target of $315,000 in fees, triggering an additional price increase.

Since hitting this price target, Maker has slightly decreased in value, and is now trading at $996. Despite this decrease, investors remain bullish about Maker and believe it could potentially hit $1100 as its updates continue to impact the Maker ecosystem.

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Tradecurve Price Predictions Are Bullish

After offering returns of 80% in just eight weeks, analysts’ price predictions have turned bullish for Tradecurve. The unique hybrid exchange is creating widespread market excitement, with some analysts comparing Tradecurve to the Binance ICO in 2023.

The Tradecurve presale has attracted 13,500 users and raised over $3 million of its $20 million goal in just 3 rounds. It attracted crypto whales in the process, and now analysts believe that Tradecurves native token, TCRV, could 50x in value before its presale is finished.

While the presale numbers are exciting, Tradecurve’s utility could be revolutionary. As a hybrid platform, Tradecurve will let investors trade traditional assets without passing KYC and background checks. Instead, all trading can be completed anonymously using decentralized, self-custody wallets.

Tradecurves (TCRV) presale will be used to sell 40% of the 1.8 billion token supply. Token holders will be able to upgrade their accounts for a VIP trading experience, as well as earn discounts when subscribing to the platform’s educational tools.

As regulation continues to cause issues throughout the traditional exchange market, Tradecurve is in an extremely strong position to grow and aims to attract 100,000 users in the first three months. Tokens can be purchased for $0.018 via the official Tradecurve website, though they are predicted to sell out soon.

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