Analyst Miles Deutscher Reveals 5 DePIN Coins That Could Go Ballistic, Get Ready For 50X

Analyst Miles Deutscher Reveals 5 DePIN Coins That Could Go Ballistic, Get Ready For 50X
  • DePIN enhances real-world computational power accessibility and affordability, says Deutscher.
  • He highlights five DePIN projects: AirTor, AIOZ, Arweave, Gaimin, and AethirCloud for long-term success.
  • Deutscher stresses DePIN’s relevance for AI and technological advancements, with AirTor and AIOZ showing strong potential.

Aussie crypto analyst and self-proclaimed DeFi addict Miles Deutscher has shared his views on DePIN (decentralised physical infrastructure networks) giving a rationale for his extreme bullishness on the sector – plus naming five projects he thinks will do very well over the long term.

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So why DePIN?

Deutscher argues that DePIN – especially networks offering computational power – addresses a critical real-world issue by enhancing accessibility and affordability of this resource. This breakthrough enables traditional companies globally to tap into crypto networks, a feat made possible exclusively through blockchain technology.


He points out:

DePIN is very unique because unlike other sectors in crypto – which don’t have much of a real-world use case – DePIN, specifically those that offer compute power are solving a major issue.

Miles Deutscher

By offering a scalable and cost-effective solution to computational demands, DePIN represents a sector with not just immediate appeal but enduring relevance, capable of supporting the next wave of technological advancements like AI and decentralised services, Deutscher says.

If you think AI is going to be a big thing…then DePIN is an obvious bet not just for this cycle…but also 5 to 10 years.

Miles Deutscher

Here are Deutscher’s five top DePIN picks:

AirTor – ATOR Protocol

ATOR Protocol is a relatively new DePIN project – AirTor builds on The Onion Router (ToR) enhancing the traditional Tor network with blockchain technology. This approach integrates the privacy and anonymity benefits of Tor with the decentralised, secure, and transparent nature of blockchain.

By utilising Tor’s established framework for anonymising internet activity and adding a decentralised infrastructure layer, AirTor aims to provide a more robust and incentivised model for privacy-focused internet usage.

ATOR has just released a new relay machine with which users can secure their network including home internet and smart devices in a household. In addition the device allows users to validate the network and earn yield. This essentially means that by securing your own network, you are rewarded with tokens.

Deutscher is particularly bullish on ATOR as it has shown to be very resilient to recent downturns, making him believe that it will also do well during a market rally.

AIOZ Network

AIOZ Network is a DePIN that accelerates Web3’s transition to decentralised AI, storage, and streaming by rewarding users for contributing computational resources. AIOZ is interesting because it covers a multitude of trends in crypto – Deutscher says the team has worked hard to create a strong project, evidenced by the recent price performance.

Data from CoinGecko shows a 546% increase in AIOZ price in the past two months.

AIOZ/ WETH, Source: GeckoTerminal

Arweave (AR)

This is a much better-known project and has been around for a little longer than the other picks on Deutscher’s list, but nevertheless a project he is very bullish about, and he wishes he had bought more when it was cheaper.

Arweave describes itself as “like Bitcoin, but for data.” Which means a place where data is stored permanently, using “blockweave.”

AR’s recent gains are attributed to ao’s innovative use of holographic state technology for decentralised computing, which enhances scalability by storing interaction logs on Arweave to form a computational ‘hologram’ rather than focusing on consensus of the state itself.

Gaimin (GRMX)

Gaimin uses the global PC gaming community’s processing power to create a decentralised supercomputer-type network, providing a robust solution to the increasing demand for data processing while mitigating the risks associated with centralised data centres.

Deutscher, who discloses his early investment in the project, is notably bullish.


Aethir, which has just entered a partnership with Gaimin, is another DePIN project for gaming and AI, building on scalable decentralised cloud infrastructure. This is another early pick with an upcoming launch and Deutscher again is an early investor.

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