Amazon Prime Is Giving Out Free Items for NFT Game ‘Champions Ascension’

By Decrypt December 09, 2023 In NFTs

Champions Ascension, a combat-oriented action role-playing affair, is the latest blockchain game to offer up free in-game items for Amazon Prime subscribers to claim.

Beginning Friday, the Amazon Prime Gaming portal is offering subscribers a free claim for 100 in-game gold, as well as a monster parts loot box. The loot boxes can eventually yield enough parts for a player to craft a monster for the upcoming Maestro Towers mode.

While Champions Ascension is built around NFTs—including characters that were initially minted on Ethereum but later migrated over to scaling network Polygon—the items in the Amazon Prime giveaway are not tokenized NFTs that can be traded—they are purely in-game digital items.

Some other Web3 games that have done Prime Gaming giveaways, like Gods Unchained and NFL Rivals, have taken a similar approach. New Champions Ascension in-game items will be offered biweekly through Amazon Prime Gaming as part of a 12-week promotion, with plans to give out resources like essence and bone alongside additional monster part boxes.


Amazon Prime subscribers gain access to a wide array of free in-game content, not only for NFT games like Mojo Melee, Brawlers, and the aforementioned titles, but also major “Web2” titles like League of Legends, Roblox, Madden NFL 24, and Cyberpunk 2077.

Champions Ascension is currently holding an early access alpha playtest ahead of a broader Windows PC release, with plans to launch on popular PC marketplace Steam—albeit without NFT integration, due to Steam’s restrictions on blockchain features.

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