Almost Time: Ripple’s CTO David Schwartz Teases Imminent Developments

By Aaron Feuerstein November 08, 2023 In Ripple, XRP
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  • Ahead of Ripple Swell, Ripple CTO David Schwartz’s enigmatic “Almost time” post fuels speculations.
  • XRP’s price surpassed US $0.60 amid trader excitement, with further anticipation for the event.
  • Persistent speculation of Ripple’s potential IPO or lawsuit settlement circulated beforehand.

With the annual Ripple Swell, the Ripple conference, just a day away, the Chief Technology Officer, David Schwartz made a cryptic post. “Almost time,” was all he posted, with a picture of the conference logo. Past Ripple conferences have stirred up interest and speculation for new developments and 2023 is no different.

XRP Gains Amongst Conference Expectations

Amid the pending conference, XRP has seen some impressive gains, even though at present it seems to have consolidated somewhat. Nevertheless, over the past 24 hours, XRP is up 15% and according to CoinMarketCap trades at US $0.685 (AUD $1.07).

Source: CoinMarketCap

Ripple Swell to Commence

The momentum pushed XRP’s price over the US $0.60 mark on November 1, driven by retail traders’ enthusiasm, and it’s expected to maintain its strength ahead of the upcoming major community event.

The Ripple Swell conference is scheduled for November 8-9 in Dubai, with registration already closed and a lineup of top industry innovators set to attend. The conference will address key issues in modern finance, the role of digital currencies in payments, and the influence of regulatory policies on digital assets.


With discussions on integrating cryptocurrencies into the traditional financial system for sustainable global solutions, XRP is poised to be at the forefront of these conversations due to its established role in digital payments and its relatively clear regulatory status.

Buy The Rumour, Sell the News

Preceding the event were rumours that Ripple could announce significant news such as an IPO or a resolution to their ongoing lawsuit with the SEC. Attorney John Deaton mentioned that a settlement with the SEC, especially if it’s for a minor sum, would be highly favourable for Ripple. A positive outcome from the lawsuit is likely to increase investor trust and potentially elevate XRP’s market value.

X user ‘Good Morning Crypto’ reminisced about the time XRP rocketed by 60,000% in just a year, jumping from US $0.006 (AUD $0.00933) to US $3.84 (AUD $5.97), attributing it to speculation. He noted that with current stronger partnerships and practical uses, XRP’s potential is now even more impressive. The user then asked his 7.3k followers about their price target for XRP:

Aaron Feuerstein

Aaron Feuerstein

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