AIOZ Network Announces Partnership with Nvidia, Lands On Prestigious List

  • AIOZ Network has partnered with Nvidia, becoming the first DePIN company in Nvidia’s Accelerated Applications Catalog.
  • The partnership is set to leverage Nvidia’s vast customer base to boost AIOZ’s Web3 AI computation, data storage, and streaming services.
  • Despite a recent price rise, AIOZ is still below its all-time high, yet remains a recommended investment for its deep tech and AI focus.

Amid Ethereum ETF news and AI chipmaker Nvidia’s strong sales forecast, one piece of information may have gone unnoticed: a partnership between artificial intelligence and the crypto world.

According to a press release the AIOZ Network has entered into a partnership with none other than Nvidia. The statement says that AIOZ Network is now the first DePIN company listed on the Nvidia Accelerated Applications Catalog.


It’s hoped the partnership and millions of Nvidia customers will lead to synergies for the AIOZ Network.

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Further, the release stated that AIOZ Network would be advancing web3 AI computation, data storage, and streaming with over 160,000 nodes globally. The recent introduction of AIOZ Node V3 harnesses idle GPU and CPU resources for its infrastructure, plus the imminent Web3 AI solution, W3AI.

The network has also released storage solutions, AIOZ W3S and AIOZ W3IPFS, which are already being used by clients in Web3 gaming and NFT sectors, according to the release.

Erman Tjiputra, founder of the AIOZ Network added:

This considerable exposure via the Nvidia website to a world of developers and tech companies works towards our mission of developing an open and decentralized landscape for the future development of web3 AI computes, data storage, and streaming services- we look forward to welcoming future users of our web3 infrastructure.

Erman Tjiputra, AIOZ Network

AIOZ Price With Strong Performance, But Has Yet to Find New Highs

AIOZ has put in a strong performance on the news, gaining over 10% from last week. AIOZ is currently trading for US$0.8941 (AU$1.34) and has enjoyed a couple of strong weeks, but has yet to reclaim its all-time high of US$2.67 (AU$4.03) from April 2021.

AIOZ Network (Aioz), monthly graph, source: CoinMarketCap

Aioz is one of the eight altcoins analyst Miles Deutscher recommends for a well-positioned growth portfolio.

He said the AI narrative coupled with its decentralisation makes it an appealing investment option.

It’s a coin in the deep tech/AI sector. I like what they’re building and it also includes decentralized storage, but also it’s a decentralized AI compute network.

Miles Deutscher

The other altcoins he recommended are Solana, Arweave, NEAR, Injective Protocol, TON, and memecoins dogwifhat and PEPE.

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