AI-generated news anchors to present personalized reports on Channel 1 AI in 2024

By Cointelegraph December 15, 2023 In AI
Channel 1 AI’s AI-generated news anchors. Source: Channel 1 AI

The media company “Channel 1 AI” is rolling out a brand new newsroom in 2024, but with a catch – it’s powered by generative artificial intelligence (AI) and manned by AI-generated news anchors who will deliver personalized AI-generated content.

On Dec. 12, the channel released a teaser video of its upcoming segments on the social media platform X, formerly Twitter, with AI-generated news anchors delivering the company’s mission.

See the highest quality AI footage in the world.

– Our generated anchors deliver stories that are informative, heartfelt and entertaining.

Watch the showcase episode of our upcoming news network now.

— Channel 1 (@channel1_ai) December 12, 2023

The 22-minute pilot introduced the content as “AI native news” and clarified that it would not constitute stories generated by AI, i.e. fake news, but rather take “trusted news sources” from across the globe to gather and synthesize information into its segments. It claims its goal is to provide “accurate, unbiased news.”


Additionally, the news anchors featured on the channel will also be AI-generated. The presenters in the teaser video said they are “powered by sophisticated technology” and can speak in any language on cue.

Channel 1 AI’s AI-generated news anchors. Source: Channel 1 AI

However, it said that “human” editors and producers are still checking the news to ensure both “accuracy” and “clarity” at all times.

It piloted an example news broadcast, with one of the AI-generated anchors reporting on the current conflict in the Middle East.

AI-generated news broadcast and AI-generated news anchor from Channel 1 AI. Source: Channel 1 AI

Channel 1 AI was founded by entrepreneur Adam Mosam and producer Scott Zabielski, and has a deal with the production company Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment.

In an interview Mosam did with Deadline in November, he said Channel 1 AI will be announcing a partnership with a news agency, drawing on content from independent journalists and developing news from “trusted primary sources.”

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Initially the AI-generated newsroom plans to start with a FAST channel in February or March of 2024, after which it plans to roll out mobile and TV applications, both of which will offer peronalized news according to the viewer.

Cointelegraph attempted to reach out to Channel 1 AI to learn more about their upcoming programs.

Mixed reactions

The reception to the AI-generated news channel on social media showed interest and intrigue, but also concern over the potential for fake news and loss of journalism jobs.

One user asked if they would be hiring soon, to which the newsroom responded, “soon,” while another user congratulated the channel but also issued a warning to “be careful.”

Another user questioned the methodology of Channel 1 AI saying they’re just “regurgitating” news already created by human journalists.


A user named “Chimp Magnet” said they “cannot stress enough how little I trust everything about this.” Already, concerns about fake news in the face of widely accessible generative AI have been mounting.

In October, senators in the United States proposed a bill that would punish creators of unauthorized AI replicas of actual humans — living or dead. This comes as the U.S. prepares for its 2024 presidential elections.

Media companies acros the globe have also been grappling with the technology, trying to balance its implementation with its potential to disrupt news with fake content.

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