Abra’s Bill Barhydt Technical Analysis on Solana – Pullix Raises Over $3Million

By BeInCrypto January 11, 2024 In Solana

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Solana (SOL)’s on-chart data showcases a number of technical indicators (TA). The crypto is witnessing a triple bottom and a descending triangle forming amid the descending trading volume. Pullix (PLX) witnessed bullish performance on the charts as it entered Stage 6 of its presale.

Solana (SOL) Technical Analysis by Bill Barhydt Showcases a Bullish Outlook

Solana (SOL) has faced a price correction during the past week as the price dipped by 10%. In the past week, the overall value of the Solana crypto moved from $92.23 to $116.26. It has since found support at the $94 price level.

CEO of Abra, Bill Barhydt recently shared data surrounding the Solana price on X (Twitter). Abra is a financial services and technology company that developed a non-custodial wallet popular among Web3 circles.


According to the analysis, the triple bottom and descending triangle formed on the 4-hour chart on January 5, 2024. However, Macro news will still trump technicals for a few weeks. SOL is scaling incredibly well, and stablecoin volume is taking off.

Pullix (PLX) Experiences Explosive Growth With Stage 6 of the Presale

Pullix (PLX) is a trading exchange that will combine the features of CEXs and DEXs into a unified platform. The platform is developed on top of the Ethereum blockchain and will implement a plethora of useful tools for both experienced and novice traders.

The platform will solve liquidity issues. It will achieve this by incentivizing user contribution to the ecosystem.

  • Its onboarding procedure will be simple as well, and users will not need to complete any mandatory KYC procedures.
  • The platform will not have any central points of failure, and users can store their own private keys.
  • Pullix will have zero commissions and tight spreads.

🔥 Major Pullix Milestones Achieved! 🔥

We are absolutely thrilled to share that we have OFFICIALLY SOLD OUT our entire Stage 5 presale allotment faster than ever, thanks to you, our amazing community! 🙏

This lightning pace has rocketed our total raised past a new milestone -… pic.twitter.com/Qbs621N5eu

The blockchain ICO reached stage 6 much quicker than expected. Now, a single PLX token trades at $0.08, and the presale has raised over $3,000,000. Clearly Pullix has had no issue in attracting investors after gaining 3,000 holders and selling over 60 million PLX tokens in less than a month,


Solana did experience a price correction. In the meantime, Pullix has achieved a major milestone with its presale. This can be attributed to its ecosystem. It will also feature a Yield Farm. Through it, users can stake their PLX balance and get passive income opportunities.

For more information regarding Pullix’s presale see links below: Pullix Website | Pullix Communities


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