80 Million NFTs Have Now Been Minted on the WAX Blockchain’s AtomicHub

By Jana Serfontein December 15, 2021 In Blockchain, Crypto News, NFTs

Amid a booming non-fungible token (NFT) market, few things still manage to amaze but the news that 80 million NFTs have been minted on the AtomicHub interface is one.

Almost 80 million NFTs minted, and over 44,000 sales transacted today. Source: AtomicHub

WAX, or Worldwide Asset eXchange blockchain, considered the most eco-friendly platform for NFTs, collectibles and video games, has witnessed significant trading volumes, with a market cap currently sitting at US$1.5 billion and the WAX token trading at US$0.43.

On the platform, users can play several decentralised games, build their DApps, as well as buy and sell NFTs using WAX in a fast, cost-efficient manner.

Starship Launches on WAX

The most recent decentralised game to launch on WAX is Starship, a play-2-earn (P2E) NFT game. The launch of Starship comes amid an also bustling GameFi market.


Partially funded by WAX Labs, AtomicHub is an interface for the NFT standard AtomicAssets, which focuses on usability along with Ram efficiency. One of the most significant features for users is that Ram costs are fully paid by the NFT creators (never the users), along with the powerful two-sided trade offers available on the interface. AtomicHub is split into an “Explorer”, which allows users to browse through all the AtomicAssets NFTs, and a “Marketplace” where users can buy and sell NFTs.

AtomicHub interface. Source: AtomicHub

The interface also offers a “trading section” which allows users to see the trade offers they have received or sent and to create new trade offers. Then there’s “NFT Creators”, which allows anyone to create their own NFTs without required coding knowledge. This facility has driven a massive influx of artists creating NFTs on WAX.

WAX Marketplace Dominated by NFT Game Trading Cards

The NFT market is a creative and innovative space, but among the 80 million NFTs already minted on WAX, game trading cards seem to be dominating across the board.

NFT Game trading cards dominate on WAX.

Although a very busy and serious contender in the crypto market at the moment, the NFT space continues to keep it fun and light. For example, AtomicHub is proud to host the “Avocado” NFT as part of the “Taco” collection. “Avocado” is advertised as a taco ingredient that can be traded for TACO tokens with the Taco mobile app. The NFT is currently for sale for 177.5 WAX, or approximately US$76.64.

If you’re an avocado aficionado, head over to AtomicHub.

Avocado NFT. Source: AtomicHub

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