$600M Crypto Class Action Filed, Aussie Mining Billionaire Twiggy Forest Declares War on Google, Facebook

Sydney lawyer Andrew Hamilton’s $600 million class-action lawsuit targeting tech giants such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter has been filed in the Federal Court of New South Wales as Australian mining billionaire Twiggy Forrest announces a new alliance aimed at empowering the opponents of tech oligarchs. 

Hamilton, representing Sydney-based law firm JPB Liberty, announced that the cryptocurrency ad ban lawsuit was ready to file earlier this week, with the suit already capturing over $600 million USD in claims from litigants.

The suit was filed with a statement of claims exceeding 50 pages, and targets a slew of international social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, and YouTube — mirroring legal action taken against YouTube by cryptocurrency exchange Binance. 

Twiggy Declares War on Facebook and Google

Andrew Hamilton isn’t the only Australian taking tech giants to task — Aussie mining magnate Andwrew “Twiggy” Forrest has announced the launch of a new “Global Tech Impact Network” aimed at promoting and supporting the work of the most vocal critics of Google and Facebook.


Forrest will provide $20 million in funding in order to “tackle the lawless, empower workers, and reimagine technology,” operating from some of the most prestigious universities in the world. 

Funded directly by the Forescue Metals Founder’s “Minderoo Foundation” philanthropic arm, the initiative is focused on holding both Facebook and Google accountable for their actions subsequent to a large-scale cryptocurrency scam that saw his likeness used to defraud Aussies of over $3 million in cryptocurrency.

“We need a massive uptick in education and governance to wrestle with the very real harms caused by the tech sector,”

At the time of the fraud, Forrest “reached on an executive level” to both Google and Facebook to no avail — and appears to now be taking more proactive steps by launching an international cooperative effort out of Cambridge, Oxford, New York, and Western Australian to take proactive steps to eliminate fraud.

Sam Town

Sam Town

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