18,666 Simpsons NFTs Sell Out in Minutes in Issue-Ridden Drop

By Jana Serfontein November 10, 2021 In Crypto Art, Crypto News, NFTs, Tokens

The first-ever official non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for hit animated TV series The Simpsons dropped November 7 on VeVe, but not without some glitches.

As part of its Golden Moments collection, Disney dropped its first collection of NFTs, The Simpsons. The collection will feature some of the most beloved characters from the franchise featured on Disney+, with the entire collection minted in gold.

About The Simpsons NFT Range

Sold via NFT marketplace ECOMI, the collection launched via blind boxes. This essentially means that buyers did not know which collectible they would receive until after they were purchased.

The two available for purchase were Homer and Bart (“common” collectibles, of which there were 12,333 editions) and Bart’s skateboard (“rare” collectibles, of which there were only 6,333 editions). Each blind box cost US$60.


Problems on the Platform

When users logged on to get in on the drop, however, they were met with endless glitches. According to a tweet by VeVe, “one of our third-party providers [was] not scaled properly at drop time, which caused the performance issues”, leaving many unable to buy NFTs.

Many users took to Twitter to vent their frustrations:

Homer Makes History

With the Homer and Bart collectible sold as “common” and Bart’s skateboard sold as “rare”, questions have been raised about this classification. Buyers are wondering why a mere skateboard, instead of significant characters such as Homer and Bart, is classified as a “rare” collectible.

In any case, buyers are urged to HODL to this piece of history.

Added Utility for Simpsons NFT Range

As with other NFT collectibles, buyers bought in just for the sake of collecting them. With The Simpsons NFT range, buyers who purchase NFTs from the Simpsons Golden Moments range will also receive a three-month subscription to Disney+.

This is similar to what actor/producer Mila Kunis is doing for the Stoner Cats series. Fans of Stoner Cats have to mint an NFT to get access to the first five-minute episode, but that NFT will also function as a lifetime pass for all subsequent Stoner Cats episodes.

Hollywood Gets Into the NFT Game

Amid the NFT boom, Hollywood also has skin in the game. Just last week, writer-director Quentin Tarantino announced he would release seven never-before-seen scenes from his cult classic film Pulp Fiction as NFTs. Earlier this week, Warner Bros, owners of popular film franchise The Matrix, also announced it would release a series of NFTs for just US$50 each from November 30, ahead of a Matrix reboot, The Matrix Resurrections, due for cinema release on January 1.

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