12-Year-Old Whiz Kid Makes 80 ETH in 12 hours from Weird Whales NFT Drop

By Caitlin Carey July 23, 2021 In Crypto News, NFTs

Benyamin is not your average schoolkid. You could say he was born into the NFT business. Now 12, he has been learning to code since he was five, his dad is a programmer who is into crypto, and he is inspired by CryptoPunks.

Weird Whales creator Benyamin goes by the handle @ObiWanBenoni on Twitter and has built an impressive community of over 4,000 followers. Reaching out to the Boring Bananas team, Benyamin received mentorship from Vee who helped him develop the python script to put together traits for the Weird Whales collection and set up the project, supporting him all the way up to the launch.

Benyamin’s proactivity and hard work have paid off handsomely, with the Weird Whales NFT launch raking in over US$1.2 million (600ETH) in the first 48  hours. Its creator effectively made 80ETH in the first 12 hours of the drop.

You can check out the Weird Whales collection on OpenSea. Weird Whales is the second NFT collection by Benyamin, and it was completely sold out.


Weird Whales is a collection of NFTs – unique digital collectibles, swimming on the Ethereum blockchain; 3350 whales have been programmatically generated from an ocean of combinations, each with unique characteristics and different traits. Own a Weird Whale and surf the crypto revolution.

One of Benyamins Weird Whales

How Are NFT Collections Created?

The wonderful thing about the NFT community (as with crypto and open-source coders) is the sharing spirit and transparency of its members. Benyamin helpfully tweeted a 10-step breakdown on how he went about creating the Weird Whales NFT collection:

NFT collectibles are created using python to randomly help generate features that contribute to the value of each NFT. Vee from @BoringBananasCo recently tweeted a how-to guide:

NFTs are more than just expensive JPGs. They have become a membership card into a cool kids’ club. It is a way for crypto and art lovers to become part of a community that supports and promotes each other. Owners are not only trading these online collectibles like baseball cards but are collecting them as rare digital art.

Interestingly an underground movement has begun among NFT collectors, where is it has become the fashion to feature the NFT images as their own avatars, adopting them to represent their online identities and show off their ownership of the unique artwork proudly.

Last month, a world record price of US$11.8 million was paid for a single CryptoPunk. The likes of Benyamin might just have upped the ante. And he’s not the only wunderkind taking the crypto community by storm. Also last month, Crypto News Australia reported on 13-year-old Indian programmer Gajesh Naik, who designed a DeFi protocol that now manages around US$1 million in cryptocurrency.

Caitlin Carey

Caitlin Carey

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