Where Can You Spend Bitcoin In Australia?

By Crypto News Australia August 11, 2023

You may have many Bitcoins to spend, but where can you spend your Bitcoin in Australia? There is currently a wide variety of goods and services that you can spend your Bitcoins on including online shopping, restaurants, utility bills, retail shops, nightlife and many others.

The number of businesses accepting cryptocurrency payments is growing fast in Australia as we’re seeing in the news. Let’s take a look at some of the places to spend your crypto.

Online Shopping

You can now spend your Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in online shopping via various retailers such as BitShopping. This company sells many items such as tech equipment, furniture, pet toys, home applicances and more. In addition to this, they also accept a broad range of digital currencies including BTCETHDASHLTCBCH and more using payment methods Bitpay, Coinbase Commerce & GoCoin. They also accept Credit Card and Paypal payment options at checkout and you can pay with traditional dollars and cents.

Internet NBN

Australian NBN Service Provider Launtel has enabled payments in Bitcoin on their website, allowing you to pay for your internet using BTC. The company accepts any of the 250 digital assets traded on Australian-based crypto exchange Coinspot. Customers can choose to pay fully or part-pay in crypto for their home solar systems.


House Renovations

Local Aussie building company, Broadwater Builds now accept digital currencies as a form of payment. Clients can pay using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance and Ripple, with other options to be added. Broadwater Builds offers new homes, renovation and extensions, kitchens, bathrooms, demolish and builds, developments, unfinished homes and more.

Solar Power

Queensland Solar & Lighting will now accept cryptocurrencies as payment for their services with installing new solar systems in Brisbane, Queensland.

Computer Equipment

You can buy a custom computer build with Bitcoin through Dream PC Australia. They offer a premier custom computer builder in South Australia and one of the largest PC exporters for Australia has now started accepting crypto as payment for their PCs.


Many restaurants all over the world are accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment. So, you can spend your Bitcoin to purchase a meal at a fancy restaurant. Australia has an extensive range of restaurants that accept Bitcoin such as Green Peppercorn, and many more. In addition to this, there are even cafés that are accepting Bitcoin as payment, for example, the Third Wave Café. So, you can just grab a cup of coffee on the go and pay in Bitcoin. All the restaurants have their unique taste and they all accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. To find out more see more restaurants that accept Bitcoin in Australia.

Pet Food

You can buy pet food with Bitcoin through Pet Parlour, who is the first Australia pet shop to accept cryptocurrency through their partnership with digital currency exchange Coinbase. Customers can pay using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dai, Ethereum or Litecoin to purchase their favorite pet products such as dog food, toys and shampoo and luxury Australian made brands.

Luxury Properties

In Australia, you can purchase properties using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. There have been reports that people in Australia are cashing in their Bitcoin to purchase properties in Australia. You can also pay for a custom built home using Bitcoin as Perth building company Broadwater Builds now accepts Bitcoin as payment. Some real estate companies are starting to post private listings of properties to be purchased with Bitcoin. Real estate companies have begun accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment, which might be due to the article last year on the Melbourne homeowner allowing Bitcoin as payment for a property.


Quite a few shops are beginning to accept Bitcoin as payment in Australia. For example, a cafe located in Melbourne is accepting Bitcoin. It is called The Little Mule Café; this cafe provides a range of drinks from coffee to cocktails. In addition to this, they also provide a vast range of food, which all can be purchased by Bitcoin. Moreover, there are also shops that sell electronics and accept Bitcoin. Like industTEC for example, they sell many electronics from gadgets to laptops and they accept Bitcoin as payment.


In Australia, there are some car dealers that are accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment. One car dealer located in Woolloomooloo is called Scuderia Graziani and they are selling iconic vehicles from brands like Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Mclaren. They can be all purchased using Bitcoin. They have over 65 vehicles in stock, although, they are mainly supercars.

Flights and Hotels

One of the largest online booking agencies is CheapAir and they have started accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment since February 2014. CheapAir has partnered with Bitpay to accept Bitcoin transactions. In addition to this, you can book hotels and flights with Bitcoins. However, they only accept Bitcoin cryptocurrency as of now. They are planning to implement more additional digital currencies including, DASH, LTC and BCH.


Many universities across the world are accepting Bitcoin. In Australia, one of the universities that accept Bitcoin is Flinders University and they are located in South Australia with various campuses. In addition to this, they have been accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment since 2014. So, you can enrol yourself and pay the fees including the accommodation fees in Bitcoin.


Some charities across the world are accepting Bitcoin as a donation. If you know any please get in touch and we can add them to this page.


You can even spend your Bitcoins on a couple of drinks in the bar or other nightlife experiences in Australia. In Sydney, there is a bar called the Spawn Point. This bar has gaming consoles and a wide range of drinks and food. You will also be able to pay in Bitcoin. Another place called GlowGolf located in Melbourne, where you can play miniature golf in the dark, with a relaxed and cosy atmosphere. You can also purchase drinks there with your Bitcoins.

Gaming and Movies

You can even buy games with Bitcoin in Australia using Microsoft Xbox Live, who have been accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment since December 2014. The way it works is that you will deposit Bitcoin into your Microsoft account and then you can purchase the apps, games, and movies with the App Store or Xbox store. However, you will only be able to purchase games, movies, and apps with Bitcoin at the moment through Bitpay to process the Bitcoin transactions.


You can buy your mum some flowers for mothers day from Luxe Bouquet who is a luxury online florist based in Sydney but delivers roses and flowers Australia-wide. Luxe currently accepts payment in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin.

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