Where Can I Find Jobs That Pay In Bitcoin?

By Crypto News Australia August 14, 2023

Within the midst of the Bitcoin rush, one of the biggest rising trends is the searches for ‘Bitcoin jobs’ and ‘blockchain jobs’. Jobs related to cryptocurrency have greatly increased over the past few years and they have continued to grow into 2018. Whether you simply have a passion for the cryptocurrency industry or would like to earn some Bitcoin from working a remote job, there are several options available.

To help provide more information about finding jobs that pay in Bitcoin, we have put together some tips and useful information for you to consider before signing that work contract!

Job Websites To Keep An Eye On

There seems to be more and more employers that are willing to pay in Bitcoin for part-time freelancing and some are even offering full-time positions that pay in Bitcoin. There are various places to look when it comes to job seeking, but there some places may have more opportunities than others. If you’re looking for full-time jobs in the cryptocurrency industry, then some of the places to keep checking would be job recruitment websites. These websites are constantly updating with new jobs and opportunities in the Bitcoin industry. There are even websites that specifically list jobs that pay in Bitcoin.

Here are some of the websites that may be beneficial for your Bitcoin job hunting:

  • Crypto News Jobs – Crypto News Jobs Centre offers all the latest blockchain and cryptocurrency job listings. Jobs include in-person Australian based jobs and remote work. You can select in the search filters those jobs that offer to pay you using cryptocurrency making those jobs easy to find.
  • Coinality – Coinality is a worldwide job board website for getting paid in digital currencies. This website lists an incredibly large number of different Bitcoin jobs for marketers, brokers, writers, developers, and more. The jobs on this website can range from one-time, part-time, and full-time.
  • Jobs4Bitcoins – Reddit is still one of the popular places to look for online opportunities or to post your services is on a dedicated sub-reddit. This sub-reddit is a very popular place to sell your services and skills for Bitcoin and there are new opportunities every day.
  • XBTFreelancer. This is a popular freelancer website that pays in Bitcoin. This website allows employers to post projects to find and hire freelancers. Freelancers may also bid on projects and contact employers to find opportunities on this website.
  • Upwork – This is a leading freelancing website with millions of jobs being listed on the website annually. Upwork has provided companies with over 3,500 skills each year. You can also search for Bitcoin jobs on this website.
  • Freelancer – One of the world’s largest freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplaces is Freelancer. Employers can hire freelancers for jobs in various areas, such as development, writing, and more. This website also features Bitcoin jobs.
  • Indeed – This is one of the leading job boards across the world and they list all types of jobs. Simply searching for Bitcoin jobs on this website should return some results for you to review.

Working Online for Bitcoins?

Job seeking websites are not the only source of opportunities for Bitcoin jobs. If you are just interested in making Bitcoins rather than working in the industry, you do have quite a few options available such as Get Paid in Bitcoin who offer a service where your current employer can pay you a portion of your salary in Bitcoin.


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