What Shops Accept Bitcoin?

What Shops Accept Bitcoin?

You may have some Bitcoins to spend, but what shops accept Bitcoin? There are a few big companies that have already started to integrate Bitcoin as a form of payment. This includes everything from BPN services to food or essential goods. So, if you have been saving up your Bitcoinand you are looking for a way to spend, then you are in luck as there are a variety of companies that are accepting payments right now. These are some of the top companies that are accepting payment.


One of the world’s biggest online travel booking agency is Expedia and they have started to accept Bitcoins as a form of payment since June of 2014 for hotel bookings. They partnered up with Coinbase to integrate the new payment option, however, Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency that they will accept at the moment for hotel bookings. However, it may start to expand more which means that they may be able to accept payments for flights, cars and more.


Overstock is very popular for cryptousers as it was one of the first massive retailers to start accepting Bitcoins as a form of payment in January 2014. This company will allow crypto users and customers to pay for everything from laptops to pillows with Bitcoins. The unique feature about Overstock is the fact they will allow customers to use other well-known cryptocurrencies this includes Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin and more.


There are websites and offline stores that do not accept Bitcoin as a form of payment, however, at eGifter you can purchase gift cards where you can spend them on places that do not accept cryptocurrency. The eGifter is a popular gift card website and even mobile app that will inform users that gift cards will be able to work in all sorts of famous companies such Amazon, Sephora, home depot, and many more. In addition to this, eGifteris partnered up with Coinbase as their Bitcoin parent.


You can even purchase a pizza with Bitcoins at PizzaForCoins, the way it works is that it will verify the nearest pizza joint (Pizza Hut, Papa John’s and Dominos) that is near your location and you can then order the pizza and pay in your digital currency. This site will even accept more than 45 cryptocurrencies, however, at the end of the payment, there will be a fee for the service to your total payment amount.


Do you love gadgets? Well, if you do then you will be very happy to hear that the electronic retail company Newegg accepts Bitcoin. Newegg does accept Bitcoin as a form of payment and they have chosen Bitpay as their partner to process payment for thedigital currency. However, the Bitcoin option will not be available if you are purchasing an item from a seller other than Newegg but it sells through Newegg site. Additionally, Newegg will not accept Bitcoin for selected items such as pre-orders, marketplace items, subscription orders, will call orders, Newegg gift cards and more.

Shopify Stores

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that enables merchants to setup their own online shops so they can sell their products, similar to eBay or Etsy. They have been accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment as of November 2013. There are estimated to be 75,000+ Shopify merchants and they have started to partner up with Bitpay to process the payment methods for Bitcoin.


One of the biggest known company in the world has been allowing Bitcoin as a form of payment. You can deposit Bitcoin into your Microsoft account; however, the funds can only be used to purchase games, movies, and apps within the Xbox store and Windows. You will not be allowedtouse Bitcoin to purchase items from the Microsoft online store.

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