What Restaurants Accept Bitcoin?

By Crypto News Australia August 14, 2023

Did you know, that there are restaurants accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment? So, if you have got any Bitcoins to spend you can actually use it to have a meal. There are various restaurants across the world that accept Bitcoin such as Burger Bear in London, The Pink Cow in Japan, The Steak n’ Hoagie Shop in New York, and many more. However, what restaurants accept Bitcoin in Australia? If you are looking to spend your Bitcoin on enjoying a restaurant, then here is a quick list of restaurants that accept Bitcoin in Australia.

The Kodiak Club

The Kodiak Club is a famous restaurant and Melbourne’s only Bourbon bar. The Kodiak Club is based in a small neighbourhood joint that expresses America’s bar culture. They serve modern, regional American bar food and various American alcoholic drinks. They offer their famous wings and burgers with chubby nuggets and they have so much more to offer. The great thing is they accept Bitcoin as a form of payment.

Third Wave Cafe

Third Wave Cake opened in 2010, located in Melbourne and has a high reputation as a great neighbourhood cafe with a loyal breakfast. Many people travel far to enjoy their exceptional coffees, breakfast and vast lunch menus. When night comes, it transforms into a bustling BBQ joint, which was inspired by a classic American smoke house. They offer breakfast, burgers, American BBQ and so much more to offer. You can use your Bitcoins as a form of payment as well.

Giuseppe’s Pizza

Giuseppe’s Pizza was founded in Mornington in 2011 and has become a very popular restaurant for all of the Mornington locals that enjoy their recipes. They are a family run business and provide excellent takeaway meals. They use the freshest ingredients sourced from local providers and they offer great meal choices. They have a variety of pizzas to choose from, and they have a gourmet menu as well. This gourmet menu has everything from smoked salmon pizza to their famous pasta and risotto. They have many more food options to choose from and they can all be paid with Bitcoin.


Green Peppercorn

The Green Peppercorn is created by the Inthavong family, it has cuisines of South East Asia Countries combined with Thai cuisines. They are located in Fairfield and Blacktown. Every dish they make, they infuse Thai and Lao’s cuisine’s together to create the freshest and most authentic cuisines. They offer curry, seafood, grills, salads, specials and so much more. If you want to try experiencing different cultural food then this is place is perfect to visit and they will accept Bitcoin as a form of payment.

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