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By Crypto News Australia August 14, 2023

Podcasts are a very popular format on the internet as they provide an easy way for listeners to tune in and engage with their favourite content. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts have also been taking advantage of the popular podcasting format and many people have been tuning in to these podcasts over the years, whether they are a beginner in the world of cryptocurrency, or an expert that’s looking to stay on top of recent crypto news.

“Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a Greek-British bitcoin advocate, tech entrepreneur, and author. He is a host on the Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast.” – Source:

In this article, we will be listing our top top 10 cryptocurrency podcasts that are suitable for both beginners and experts (in no particular order). If you’re looking for a few cryptocurrency podcasts to tune into, then take a look at our list below.

1. What Bitcoin Did

Launched in 2017, The What Bitcoin Did Podcast is hosted by Peter McCormack and explores the latest developments around Bitcoin, investment, privacy, and adoption. This is an interview-centric podcast which means that several experts from the cryptocurrency space often appears in this podcast.


This podcast focuses on engaging with some of the cryptocurrency industry’s leading minds and having interviewed some of the biggest names in cryptocurrency such as Laura Shin, Luke Martin, and Jameson Lopp, it has become one of the fastest growing podcasts.

Listeners: Approx. 42k listeners.

Podcast Frequency: Twice per week.

2. Unchained

Founded by the leading cryptocurrency journalist, Laura Shin, the Unchained podcast features the latest news and opinions from industry experts in the form of 20-minute interviews. The interviewees on the podcast can range from entrepreneurs, investors, to technologists. It also offers a variety of business and technology topics that are suitable for both beginners and experts in the crypto space.

This is an excellent cryptocurrency podcast for those that looking to find the latest important information around cryptocurrency.

Listeners: Approx. 43k listeners.

Podcast Frequency: Weekly.

3. The Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast

Hosted by Trace Mayer, an early Bitcoin adopter, the Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast aims to help you to better understand Bitcoin, the network, and cryptocurrency in general. Holding interviews with some of the sharpest minds in the Bitcoin industry, this cryptocurrency podcast converses on the latest topics including technical analysis.

Some of the experts interviewed on this podcast includes Jameson Lopp, Caitlin Long, and Saifedean Ammous.

Listeners: Approx. 60k listeners.

Podcast Frequency: Approx. one episode every quarter.

4. The Crypto Street Podcast

Ran by three well-known Twitter members in the crypto space, K1llerWh4le, Prince, and CryptoDale, the Crypto Street Podcast is an interview-centric show that usually hosts guests in the industry that are cryptocurrency miners or traders. Similar to the hosts, the guests are often popular Twitter users and they share their knowledge on the latest around digital currencies.

If you regularly use Twitter and are looking for a podcast that is shared over this social platform, then you’ll want to tune into the Crypto Street Podcast.

Listeners: 24k Twitter followers.

Podcast Frequency: Three episodes per month.

5. Crypto Voices

Crypto Voices is a popular cryptocurrency podcast hosted by Matthew Mežinskis and Fernando Ulrich. The podcast covers the latest trends in cryptoeconomics, Bitcoin, entrepreneurship, blockchain technology, more.

The audio podcast comes in two forms: the first is the traditional form where it covers the latest news on cryptocurrencies including interviews with industry experts. The second format that Crypto Voices offer is an audio book based on blockchain technologies.

Listeners: 4k Twitter followers.

Podcast Frequency: Approx. one episode per month.

6. Epicenter

The Epicenter podcast is one of the first cryptocurrency podcasts and it explores the deeper and most important decentralised technologies in the industry. Hosted by Sebastien Couture, Brian Fabian Crain, Meher Roy, Sunny Aggarwal, and Freiderieke Ernst, this podcast has been running since 2014 and they aim to educate the crypto community on the latest topics.

Epicenter interviews business leaders, engineer academics, and entrepreneurs to provide a varied range of opinions and knowledge.

Listeners: Approx. 7k listeners.

Podcast Frequency: Weekly.

8. Magical Crypto Friends

This podcast is slightly different from the rest on the list as they are a YouTube channel consisting of four members that provide light-hearted and humorous points of view. Magical Crypto Friends combines the latest in Bitcoin news and other cryptocurrency news that is engaging, funny, easy-to-understand, and also informative.

This podcast is hosted by the four members who are aliased: Lion, Panda, Pony, and Chicken.

Listeners: 14k YouTube Subscribers.

Podcast Frequency: Monthly.

9. The Bad Crypto Podcast

Beginning in 2017, The Bad Crypto Podcast has amassed a large following thanks to their easy-to-follow format. Hosted by professional speakers and consultants, Joel Comm and Travis Wright, the podcast doesn’t delve too deeply into the technical jargon and in-depth price analysis. They keep their podcasts very beginner-friendly and offers a great place for people to learn more about cryptocurrency.

Spotify link: The Bad Crypto Podcast Spotify

Listeners: 20k Twitter followers.

Podcast Frequency: Every two days.

10. TraderCobb

Hosted by Craig Cobb, the TraderCobb podcast offers free technical analysis of the latest cryptocurrency and blockchain news topics. This podcast also includes interviews with the leading experts in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, sharing that latest information, opinions, and expertise with the community.

Spotify link: TraderCobb Spotify

Listeners: 9k Twitter followers.

Podcast Frequency: Daily.

Bonus. NeoCashRadio

NeoCashRadio mainly do interviews on their podcast, but they make great content and have in-depth discussions about crypto.

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