Top 10 MetaTrader 5 Bitcoin Brokers

By Crypto News Australia August 11, 2023

Here is what we think are the best bitcoin brokers for the MetaTrader5 (MT5) trading platform. Most traditional forex brokers still don’t support bitcoin and cryptocurrencies with MT4 or MT5, but some of the newer and bigger ones are adding support for crypto trading on the platform for use with Cryptocurrency CDF Algo Trading. These forex brokers are different to crypto brokers such as eToro and Coinbase as they offer margin trading and CFD’s for both long and short positions on stocks, gold, silver, fiat currencies and now cryptocurrencies.

Disclaimer: Margin trading and CFD trading is risky. Crypto News does not endorse trading any of these methods. This information is provided for education and entertainment purposes only and should not be read as encouragement to any companies or services mentioned on this web page. Please stay safe online and do your own research.

Crypto Forex Brokers Comparison Table

Bitcoin BrokerCrypto Trading PairsSupported Cryptocurrencies Crypto to Fiat PairsCrypto to Crypto PairsCrypto Leverage Offered MT5 Support
Crypto Altum60 crypto pairsBTC, XRP, DSH, LTC, BCH, ETH, 
USD, EUR, JPYYes 1:500Yes
IC Markets10 crypto pairsBTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, DSH, XRP, 
Robo Forex9 crypto pairsBTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, DSH, BCH,
USD, EURNo1:50Yes
Fresh Forex1 crypto pairBTC USDNo1:100Yes
Markets.com6 crypto pairsBTC, XRP, DSH, LTC, ETH, ETCUSDNo1:2Yes
Lite Forex16 crypto pairsBTC, ETH, ETC, XRP, LTC, XMR,
USD Yes1:500*Yes
AvaTrade12 crypto pairsBTC, BTG, EOS, DSH, LTC, XRP,
USD, EUR, JPYNo1:20Yes
Pepperstone5 crypto pairsBTC, BCH, ETH, DSH, LTCUSDNo1:5Yes
Binary.com3 crypto pairsBTC, ETH, LTCUSDNo 1:30*Yes
TradeView Forex5 crypto pairs*BTC, LTC, ETHUSDNo 1:400*Yes

* check the latest stats at the brokers website.

1. Crypto Altum

Crypto Altum

Crypto Altum is a popular cryptocurrency trading platform that was founded mainly for long term CFD tradings. It is one of the high-tech platforms that execute rapid tradings corresponding to the best market price available. The company works as a full-switch or fill/kill order, which means either the trade order is filled within the best price or there are no partial fills. This system ensures a 100% trade execution reliability. It is an automated platform that fills orders automatically without any paperback desk job. Traders are allowed to access any time and manage their business without any cool-down time period. 


Now, the most important thing to notice about Crypto Altum is that this is an MT5 or Meta Trader 5 enabled platform. As you know, MT5 is not an upgrade version of MT4, it is totally a new data structure adaptation. This new data structure allows a trading website to function more dynamically and has fully automated functions. Before, we had limited capacity to transmit and process encrypted crypto data. But after the MT5 platform was adopted, trading became easier. Although, compared to MT4, MT5 structure is complicated and hard to use. But, it can be considered as the next-gen system with tonnes of upgrades. That’s why Crypto Altum has been quite a good choice of a crypto trading platform.

2. IC Markets

IC Markets

IC Markets is a full-time Forex and crypto CFD provider. It is one of the most renowned platforms for bridging the gap between retail and industrial traders, making the trading system more swift and accessible to common users. The company offers cutting edge trading platforms and low latency high-speed connectivity and superior liquidity. Users at IC Markets find it very comfortable while trading in Forex or investing through a direct/indirect banking system. This company has more than 25 expert personals on the team with more than 10 years of experience.

IC Markets has the latest technology adaptation that is Meta Trader 5 or MT5. This tech is superior to the MT4 system which is the most used one till now. The MT5 platform lets you trade automatically with additional indices support. Previously, the MT4 platform mainly performed for Forex tradings, other facilities were not included. But the MT5 platform additionally lets you trade in futures, stocks, etc. As IC Markets has adopted this handful of technology, trading in various platforms is as easy as pie.

3. Robo Forex

Robo Forex

Robo Forex is one of the leading crypto trading platforms that provide automated trading and CFDs to the users. This company has adopted the most advanced technologies that track every cryptocurrency market prices and gives the best CFD features for a low price. Robo Forex was founded in 2009 and right now, it became a tech giant in the cryptocurrency trading industry. It adopts the MT5 platform as the auto-trading system for general usage. When you know that your transactions are operated by trading robots instead of humans, the only thing you can think of is the MT5 platform. It allows you to enjoy a flexible trading system, guided by 1500+ expert advisors on the field. Also, the MQL5 algorithm lets you customize your scripts manually and efficiently. Why will you trouble to go through tonnes of papers when you have Robo Forex with MT5 platform?

4. Fresh Forex

Fresh Forex

Fresh Forex is a registered crypto trading company under Riston Capital Ltd. in 2012. It is one of the 3rd generation trading platforms that focused on using the MT5 platform as its ideal trading system. It has been serving over 200 countries worldwide with its over 15 years of experienced personals. People can choose from over 139 instruments including cryptocurrencies, shares, stock markets, indices, metals, etc. It executes commands under 0.05 seconds margin without any requotes. That’s a little overpowered! 

Whenever you trade using the Fresh Forex MT5 platform, you need not pay any commission for funding trading accounts. This rule was set by the company itself to provide an AA+ user experience. Also, you get a 100% security check on your accounts. So, get trade opportunities at Forex, indices, CFDs with MT5 platform at Fresh Forex.

5. is a world-class crypto trading platform that is well-known for its hight features and low on spread prices. It is a state-of-the-art trading platform brought to you by TradeTech Group, a constituent of Playtech. It was established by a group of crypto-enthusiasts who have experience on the crypto markets for over 10 years. Allowing people to manage their online portfolio with hundreds of powerful trackers that accurately trace current market prices for cryptos, trade volume, transactions per second, total market cap, etc. This is one of your most trusted CFD trading platforms. has adopted the MT5 or Meta Trader 5 platform to run trades on a user basis. It is the most advanced crypto trading platform nowadays. Previously, the MT4 platform could only perform a handful amount of operations. But the MT5 platform is built for all assets you can find on the market. It ensures better risk management as well as provides fully customizable data charts on cryptos. Although it has been reported that about 73.9% of retail investors lose money when trading CFDs on, CFDs are complicated in the first place. So, if you have a deeper understanding of how CFD works, you can achieve greater profit using the trading platform. 

6. Lite Forex

Lite Forex

Lite Forex is one of the fastest and advanced ECN brokers that has been serving top-notch liquidity in the currency, commodity, and stocks since 2005. This company is one of the earliest ones that founded the base of the crypto trade market around the world. All major coins including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dashcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, LiteCoin, Monero, Ripple, and ZCash can be traded in pairs here. Moreover, people can trade in oil, metals, indices, CFD NYSE, CFD NASDAQ, cryptocurrency through Lite Forex. 

Since 2017, this company has been using MT5 or Meta Trader 5 as its base of trade operations. This particular platform is an upgrade of the previously used MT4 platform. The differences are not something to talk about lightly. The MT5 platform is by far the most advanced crypto trading platform on the market. It’s superfast, has high adaptability with almost all asset markets, can run Forex, indices, oil trades, metal trades, and much more simultaneously. MT5 also gives you deep-market analysis data which would provide a vast range of trade opportunities. That’s why start crypto trading with Lite Forex.

7. AvaTrade


AvaTrader was founded in 2006 with the sole purpose of empowering people to trade with confidence. It is a high-tech platform that provides top tier trading services including CFD, indices, Forex, metals, etc to users ranging fro common to multi-national industries. Technologically speaking, AvaTrade has a huge core technology in its inventory, completely focused on delivering reliable customer services to the users. It has both the diversity of instruments ad variety of platforms in its sleeve to unlock the full potential of the crypto trade market. It ensures the best client satisfaction throughout the best market approaches as an international crypto broker. 

AvaTrade has an MT5 platform as the core technology for fast and secured trading. With it, the company holds a large variety of CFD instruments in its stock. The MT5 platform boosts the whole system by another level, making it lighter, faster, stronger, and secured; all at the same time. Also, you will get 400:1 leverage on the CFDs. That’s why AvaTrade is one of the best crypto trading platforms that run along with MT5 in the world.

8. Pepperstone


Pepperstone is a world-famous crypto-based trading company that has won multiple prestigious awards from Investment Trends, Deloitte, and Compare Forex Brokers. It was founded in 2010 in Melbourne, Australia. The company is operated by thousands of experts who have decades of experience in the crypto marketing and trading system. With low-cost trading facilities, very low spreads, superior trading routes, and first-class customer support, Pepperstone deals US$9.2 billion worth of trades in a daily contract. This is something only a world-class trading platform can achieve. 

Let’s talk about technology. In terms of the quality of the trading system, Pepperstone is one of the most advanced platform in the world. It has adopted MT5 aka Meta Trader 5 platform as the core technology for fast and secured trading. The advantage of using the MT5 system is that it gives you higher mobility in trading as well as gives you access to Forex, stocks, shares, oils, metals, etc instruments. Both the quality and quantity of service goes up by several folds due to the newest MT5 system. As a result, you will have the best trading experience using Pepperstone trading company. 

9. is also another award-winning crypto trading platform since 2000. It’s one of the oldest trading companies in the world. Although it has 20 years of nourishments, it contains only a handful of personnel on board. Yet, with only a few people on board, has hit $2 Billion in the trade since foundation. Providing the best trading opportunities throughout CFDs, Indices, Forex, etc, the company is a bit slow on the uptake yet reliable as a trading platform. runs the trading system with the MT5 platform, currently the most powerful automated trading system available. It shows real-time prices, benchmarks, data charts, etc on different cryptos including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash. On normal trades, the company returns about 100% + above. On higher tier trades, the return policy gives about 1000%+ returns based on a longer period of contract. There are no hidden fees or charges at So, whenever you profit, all of the prize money is solely yours. Additionally, provides CFDs with a minimum never increased risk. So, it’s a win-win for retail investors.

10. TradeView Forex

TradeView Forex

TradeView Forex is an online crypto dealer regulated by CIMA, the 1st-class giant on the trade industry with more than a $1 Trillion investment. Founded in 2004 this company provides unmatched online trading services that cover almost the entirety of the world of investors. People can enjoy a variety of electronically traded products including stocks, futures, Forex. CFDs, oils, as well as indices with zero spread using TradeView Forex. This brokerage is known for its pioneering technology that prioritizes customer satisfaction with a flexible, superfast trading network. 

TradeView Forex uses MT5 or Meta Trader 5 and MT4 platforms as its main trading system. The MT4 is the most used older version of the new system. MT5 is faster, has more bots for data mining, reliable, and extraordinary compared to MT4. This new platform allows people to trade on multiple instruments at the same time. Although the fact is, MT5 is a complex system in terms of user experience. But, in terms of capability, it far surpasses MT4 by a large margin. So, enjoy limitless trading with ultra-modern tech using TradeView Forex today.

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