Top 10 Exciting THETA Blockchain Projects

By Crypto News Australia August 08, 2023
Top 10 Exciting THETA Blockchain Projects

THETA Blockchain Projects present decentralised ecosystems that serve to improve the streaming quality and delivery of video content. As open source crypto technologies evolve through THETA labs, developers can offer more features to video platforms, viewers, and streamers.

When a person streams a video, they are accessing this content without needing to download it, whether this is watching a movie, listening to audio, or – popularly – watching gamers stream their gameplay. Currently, due to the way streaming operates, there are several issues with the streaming quality and latency of video and audio.

THETA projects seek to set up a peer-to-peer network that permits users to connect their unused bandwidth and resources to the system. Not only does this improve the quality of the content, but it can also reduce costs. A handful of these projects are worth investigating if you have any interest in streaming.

Here is our list of the top 10 exciting THETA blockchain projects we suggest you investigate:


1. StreamVerse
StreamVerse – for true to its roots streaming.

StreamVerse believes that the current streaming platforms lack realism and interactivity. Therefore, this project seeks to “capture the attention of Gen Z while also maintaining the ease of usage”. StreamVerse is working to allow its users to access realistic spaces and emotions through the incorporation of NFTs.

Any moment of the stream can be converted to an NFT that lives on forever. Moreover, StreamVerse helps streamers maintain eye contact, have more than one group within a single room, talk with fans, and host charity events. StreamVerse is currently looking for ways to make its project more scalable for future relevance.

TKETS – security for your ticketing needs.

TKETS presents a unique use for NFTs and blockchain technology that combats the issues with e-tickets. The age of paper tickets is coming to an end, as e-tickets become harder to misplace and easier to deliver. However, most of these e-tickets use a typical barcode or QR code, which is static and easy to replicate. It is also impossible to ensure these tickets haven’t been duplicated.

TKETS aims to bring more functionality to NFTs. All you’ll need is a MetaMask wallet and your ticket can be minted directly to you. Your ticket will be uniquely yours and its information gets listed on the blockchain. The TKETS platform allows for direct payment but is not centralised, meaning the ticket itself can only be accessed by the holder.

3. Scrubr
Scrubr – YouTube and TikTok meet NFTs.

Scrubr is an application for the sharing of short video content, designed for creators and viewers to contribute and watch. If your video is well-received there is potential for creators to earn $SET (Scrubr Engagement Token). Views and likes on owned videos generate tokens that can be used to purchase merch or other videos from the site (NFTs). $SET has governance and utility power.

Essentially Scrubr is combining NFTs with YouTube. Using blockchain technology, the minting, buying and selling of these videos are tracked to ensure proper ownership. Soon, Scrubr is looking to introduce a mobile app, along with VR integration and direct messaging features.

4. OpenTheta
OpenTheta – an easy-to-use NFT marketplace.

Seeking to make it possible for anyone to mint, launch and trade NFTs, OpenTheta presents an easy-to-use marketplace. Running as a smart contract on the THETA blockchain, OpenTheta allows users to easily search for, upload, and filter through the site’s NFTs.

The marketplace is very creator-friendly, working to help with all technical aspects of a launch. OpenTheta is still in its early days; as the site expands the creators are looking to implement auction-style trades, along with methods to continuously update the prices of the available NFTs.

5. HarkTV
HarkTV – streaming for charity.

If you are seeking THETA blockchain projects that are heavily situated around working with not-for-profits, HarkTV could be a good place to start. HarkTV recognised the potential for a political streaming service, broadcasting rallies and smaller political gatherings to viewers. Non-profits play a big role in HarkTV’s adherence to individual regulations across the 50 US states.

The $HARK token is required to get involved with this project. Actions on the website can generate these tokens, which can be used to vote in elections that decide the not-for-profit that will receive a lump sum. HarkTV is for streaming of all sorts, not just of the political kind.

6. Minty NFT
Minty NFT – monetise your playing cards.

Originating from a love of trading cards, Minty NFT provides an app where users can mint their own trading-card NFTs. Built on the blockchain, Minty NFT allows for the opportunity to create customisable 3D cards, something not often seen in the NFT landscape.

Built for Android, Minty NFT is easily accessible via a downloadable app. The future brings the potential for more canvas sizes to mint onto. However, the app is intended for 3D trading cards and does not look to move past this.

7. Blockchain eSports
Blockchain eSports – bringing Roku into the game.

Blockchain eSports is looking to bring Roku games into the digital era. Roku itself is a box that allows you to stream to your TV. Blockchain eSports for Roku is bringing Theta.TV to viewers, Theta.TV being the first streaming service to be published to the THETA blockchain.

The app is now available for download; however, the future of Blockchain eSports involves improving the app to provide user login, so that users can eventually personalise features and engage with TFuel (the token for the THETA network).

THETA TV – the original THETA project.

As previously mentioned, THETA TV was the first blockchain project to go online within the THETA network. Branding itself as the “next-generation esports platform”, THETA TV brings 24/7 live streaming. With a lot of the big streamer names from platforms such as Discord, viewers can earn $TFUEL through watching and interacting with these streams, and streamers can earn theta coins through guardian nodes.

Users of the platform also get access to fun perks such as the ability to open themed crates and to win a variety of gaming gear. THETA TV is very much made for and designed by gamers.

9. THETA Drop
THETA Drop – NFTs combined with streaming.

THETA Drop classes itself as a next-generation NFT marketplace. Launching with the World Poker Tour, THETA Drop incorporates streaming into NFT auctions to increase creator-fan engagement.

Powered by the THETA network, this project is utilising blockchain technology specifically for media and entertainment. Using TFuel, like many other THETA projects, allows transactions to be environmentally friendly. THETA Drop transactions are also supposedly cheaper and faster than Ethereum transactions.

10. Dedpool
Dedpool – enhance your betting with AI technology.

If you are a League of Legends fan, this is a project worth investigating. Combine LoL with gambling and you have the project Dedpool. With esports betting being a complex matter, Dedpool is making its betting easier and more specific. This allows for new ways to interact with the streaming ecosystem.

Like many other projects, watching streams allows viewers to generate TFuel – which you can then use to bet. Dedpool is currently utilising AI technology to read the game in real-time, meaning the onus is not on the streamer to manage the viewer’s experience.


Much like the various metaverse projects in circulation, THETA blockchain projects are adding new dimensions to the utilisation of cryptocurrency and gaming industry engagement. All THETA projects are situated around the idea of the THETA token, with the blockchain merely providing the right environment for this technology to grow.

As the aim of these projects is to prevent viewers from paying for low-quality streaming services, the projects within this list are finding ways to fix this and apply their own unique spin. This often features the inclusion of NFTs. THETA itself is looking at future partnerships with existing streaming companies, such as Twitch. However, if you are sick of the mainstream and are looking to support other aspects of this growing industry, these listed innovative projects could be worth your time.

Don’t stop with this list, either. If you are looking for other projects in the same vein, it’s worth investigating the THETA Hackathon. With the most recent Hackathon having over 700 participants, a plethora of opportunities await the future of THETA technology.


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