Top 10+ Cryptocurrency Free Data APIs

By Crypto News Australia August 11, 2023

Coin Market Cap

Coin Market Cap API

Coin Market Cap is a tech giant in the cryptocurrency industry for coin exchange and trading. Providing up to five years of historical data available on its Enterprise plan, ensuring that you will have a full understanding of all visible cryptocurrency data and how it did and what it achieved since 2013. This platform gives you the best API with the most accurate data on the market. Whether you are building a wallet, a portfolio management tool, or anything related to crypto, Coin Market Cap obtains advanced and updated data for your product. Also, you can use its data bank to make your own assessment on the market, it provides open-source data links. So, if want to secure the best API that works as described, join Coin Market Cap. 


Nomics API

Nomics provides cryptocurrency and Bitcoin API with the lightning-fast API system that reinforces the data backbone for devs and professional crypto market investors. It is a platform that lets you create wallets, exchange cryptos with the system or 3rd party, trades in stocks, etc. Nomics is ranked AAA by crypto enthusiasts for its amazing features. The core product can archive, aggregate, and analyze both on-market and off-market blockchain asset data relevant to traders and investors. On the other hand, you can make data charts, trading bots, pricing website, mobile app, portfolio tracker, and more with its API. Moreover, it is free so this is indeed a pretty sweet deal. 



CoinAPI is a brilliant centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform that lets you bring all types of cryptos converted under a single API. It is fast, reliable, and unifies data for the crypto market investors. It is a high-quality, 100% accurate, and reliable data provider for crypto markets. All data are checked piece by piece and inserted inside it super brain to distribute them properly through its API. CoinAPI has a record of exchanging 64 Terabytes of data in the market. If you are looking for raw and preprocessed market data, well CoinAPI has more than 20 Terabytes of it in its cloud store. It provides multiple custom requests on data at the same time. So, getting your choice of market analysis data with a 100% accuracy insurance, get it on with CoinAPI.

Crypto Compare

Crypto Compare API

Crypto Compare is both a free and paid crypto market API provider with the largest scale of privileges. This platform runs one of the biggest crypto exchange markets and has deployed enough staff to gather top quality data on the whole market. It has trackers for mining data every second, hour, or day. The data accuracy is guaranteed for all of its package plans, and the data mining rate is determined by the package itself. But most importantly, it streams live data and stores all into tight shielded cold storage. So, what you need is to get an API from Crypto Compare and start your own business without worries. 



CoinGecko API

CoinGecko is one of the most popular crypto portfolio trackers in the world. Where many crypto data providers care for their business, CoinGecko cares for public satisfaction. That is why it has made all its APIs free and open-source. The data are mined by professionals using cutting-edge digital codings and software. You can get an API from it without the needing of a key, or any charges. The best thing about it is, it has the power to track data records for more than 7000 different cryptos including 400+ exchange markets. So, no matter which corner of the earth you belong to, you have your coins tracked and enlisted in CoinGecko. Get your best API services for free. 

Block Facts

Block Facts API

Block Facts is a digital data asset providing platform that was founded by experts in finance and tech specialists. This company is a data API only platform that has no other business running except quality data providers. People in the crypto market often tend to build their own industry but face a sudden lack of data. Of course, the blockchain network lets everyone harvest market data without any worries. But, the truth is, shorting this ocean-like data bank and gathering the right ones you need is a big deal of course. So, platforms like Block Facts have been working hard and soil to bring you the right data that you need. The company provides both free and premium API. Make sure to choose accordingly. 


Kaiko API

Kaiko is one of the leading providers of industrial-grade cryptocurrency market data. This company has been live since 2014. It provides both the historical and tick-by-tick trade data, including every executed transaction on the blockchain. It supports more than 85 cryptocurrency exchanges and over 20,000 different coin pairs. It has a stunning collection of data since 2011 before the company launched. Additionally, you don’t have to sort out or convert the data into any format. Because Kaiko offers you downloadable .csv files or full access by a REST API, you need not go through additional steps. Kaiko is 24/7 live and supporting millions of users worldwide seamlessly. 

Crypto APIs

Crypto APIs

Crypto APIs is a reliable crypto database library for exchanging 100% genuine, no-scrap market data. This is a multi-blockchain platform that gathers data from all across the continent. Generally, getting this type of facility will cost you a month’s worth of Bitcoins and a high-level expert. But, at Crypto APIs, you are getting these so cheap that you can compare the price to a cup of cappuccino. As people seek secured servers for mining data, the company gives a call to those people and offers its best services in those regards. You will get precise exchange rates, gapless data, OHLCV, candle data charts, a 1-second snapshot of order book, all available coin information, and exchange information. Don’t think that all these features are easy to come by. Get your business steady with Crypto APIs. 


Polygon API

Polygon is your best crypto API provider, founded by the best experts who worked for google back in time. It is a platform that gives you real-time & historical crypto data API with super-fast speed. It is not a free platform, the minimum amount you get to spend is US$49. Polygon provides unlimited REST API with a mean latency of 20ms. Woah! That’s too fast! With the snapshot system, you can view the entirety of the crypto market at a glance. Also, you can aggregate the chart according to your requirements; 1 min, 1 day, or 1 year, anything is possible. Another cool feature is, Polygon updates its crypto-pricing database every second. So, you will know how much you need to pay instantly. This is a multilingual platform so wherever you live, you have Polygon API at your door. 


CryptoDatum API

CryptoDatum is a true one of the leading crypto database API providers in the world. It is a professional API handler that has achieved top ranks due to its popularity. This company works only by creating databases for individual, company, or industrial usage. As you know, mining crypto data is not a small task. And the blockchain network has so much data besides transactions. Also, you have to keep the security in check. That’s CryptoDatum pushed all its resources into properly collecting all those data. You will get updates per second about every transaction happening on the marker here. Also, you get time-candles, volume-candles, dollar-candle, and more for sorting out data easily. CryptoDatum provides both free and premium APIs. Get the most amount of accurate data every second with Crypto Datum. 


Quadency API

Quadency cryptocurrency database API is one of the best API providers you can ever find. As our crypto market is rapidly expanding, lightning-fast data transactions are happening every second. When crypto-enthusiasts try to make any new platform for mining or exchange, they need a solid database over the crypto market that updates accordingly. As you know, this vast complicated digital network has so much information twinkled up, it needs to be sorted and properly arranged. That is where you get to know Quadency. It has the ability to provide the best algorithm that will make all these data shorting easy as pie. Right now, this platform can provide an API for more than 3000 coins, and it updates every minute. So, grab your Quadency API now and get going.

Bonus: Coin Metrics

Coin Metrics API provides access to historical and real-time network and market data.


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