Top 10 Cryptocurrency Betting Apps for Australia

By Crypto News Australia August 11, 2023

You might be wondering Is betting with crypto legal in Australia?. Currently there is no laws that we know of preventing you from depositing crypto into betting apps. However, keep your eye out on the latest Australian Gov regulations on cryptos. That being said, here are some of the best crypto betting options available to Australians where you can wager your cryptocurrencies using your mobile app.

Disclaimer: Crypto News does not endorse gambling or the use of Bitcoin or crypto with betting apps and sites. This information is provided for entertainment purposes only and should not be read as encouragement to any companies or services mentioned on this web page. Please stay safe online and do your own research.

Please stay safe when using Bitcoin to place bets online, we have seen reports of accounts losing funds and being closed without warning.

1. 1xbit


Games– Bingo, Casino, Dice, Keno, Poker, Provably fair, Slots, Sports betting, Table games


Currencies– Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Ripple, Tron, USDT, Zcash

1xBit is a leading giant in the crypto gaming sector, known for its superfast betting and casein games. Founded in 2016, 1xBit became the most popular casino within the following year. To this day, this platform is gaining more and more users every day. Users find it very appetizing with its user-friendly interface. There are hundreds of thousands of viable slots and casino games available. Betting was never this easy until 1xBit came towards people.

1xBit has connected several hundreds of thousands of betting markets and included all available casino play together. It supports 24 different cryptocurrencies as well as every fiat currencies. What’s more, you get to choose from 56 languages. So, the communication barrier is no longer valid here. This branded platform runs custom made software from 68 big software providers. Each sport allows millions of people to join in and bet freely. With the internal banking system, you can place your money in and chill. The system supports both free play and premium games. If you are lucky, you can get a million in cash through the Jackpot Lottery. Either way, due to its live updates, you can exchange your currency with the base market value, no charges, no fees. Ops! Forgot to mention! 1xBit is fully anonymous! No matter who you are or where you are, nobody will know a thing.

So, feel free to drop by 1xBit and get loaded. Have fun!

2. CryptoBet


CryptoBet is an online Bitcoin based casino. It allows full anonymous account setup and allows safe deposits, play, and withdraw your win money in seconds. Nowadays, casino businesses are a hot topic. Their rapid growth increased sudden millionaires’ chances daily. As for being an online platform, casinos are now wildly spreading. But true fact is, most of the scammers are targeting for casino outbreaks. So, finding the casino that actually exists and you can earn money there is tough. CryptoBet is one of the few casinos that are online and actually pay when you win something. It’s simple and yet so much profitable. With just a simple Bitcoin wallet or your normal bank account, you can be a part of the gambling society at CryptoBet. The company will only take 1% as a commission. Did you get it right? Only 1%! Who would ever do that! But CryptoBet is committed to the users and does exactly what it says.

CryptoBet is a multi-casting platform that supports 2000+ board games, live sports, poker, lottery, and many more. Just join in, make a bet, play your game, win money, and withdraw instantly. No barkings from the authorities involved. This is a certified 100% legal casino app for your entertainment.

3. FortuneJack


FortuneJack is an awesome online casino that runs with both crypto & fiat currencies. It was found in 2014 and now it is a platform that supports casino games, live dealer games, and sports betting. This casino was under the ownership of the Nexus Group Enterprises Casinos. This platform is running by experts, all having around over 2 decades of experience in the IGaming space. With an aim to put up a platform that centralizes all their knowledge over the decades together, FortuneJack was born into existence. It has more than enough unique aspects that reach up to the mark. It has a cryptocurrency price betting system called AnyBet, made for solely crypto-enthusiasts. In addition, you get to play thousands of casino games from high-end developers in the space today.

FortuneJack owns more than 32 jackpot slots to choose from. When this information was reported, the highest jackpot price was Diamond Wild, a shocking 734+ BTC or approximately $6.8 million. Holy Cow!
If you want to hear about games, there are 58 different variants of blackjack with a high winning chance. Again, 39 roulette fans, 80 different pokers, dozens and dozens of live sports bettings, and more. Try your luck today with FortuneJack mobile casino games.

4. CloudBet


CloudBet is the number 1 online crypto betting technology, based in HongKong. It is a casino platform on the super professional level. The interface is something to be amazed when looked at. We know that the live betting system is now the hottest topic.

Well, the good news is, CloudBet has a live betting system, exclusively build for fastest response upon click. Just click on the ‘In-play’ or ‘Live Sports’ section of the sportsbook. From there, the app will display all the live betting options available right now. Furthermore, you can locate your specific sport type or bet from the advanced search option. The lineup is updated every second. Totally high-tech!

People love to try their luck in spinning wheels, roulette, lotteries, slot machines. CloudBet has more than a thousand games including at least 50+ variants in each category. This is really what you would want from a casino. Each and every bet you make will be recorded on the blockchain network. You can cancel the bet anytime and the money will be funded instantly back into your account. This policy makes CloudBet one of the trusted platform for crypto casino business giants.

5. BetCoin


BetCoin is the premier casino, sportsbook, and poker room for premium quality casino services offered for regular folks. This is one of the fastest deposit and withdrawal platforms in the crypto casino industry. Moreover, the casino itself is a cryptocurrency brokerage. So, you can buy/sell between fiat and cryptocurrencies through it. It supports all the major crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, etc. Whenever you make any transaction, you get it done in seconds.

Now, let’s talk about its features. BetCoin presents a stunning true 3D cinematic animation for all the video games. There are over 1000 games from 20+ best game providers. Each play is fair and absolutely artificial intelligence-based. So, any game you play, not one of their staff will be involved. With the dynamic sports tracker, you can lay down on your fancy rocking chair and see live telecast of each game and place your bets. One of the cool features of BetCoin is, as long as there are sports happening, it will track it and include it. So, never worry about distance or place, you can bet on any sports globally with BetCoin. You tap, you bet, you win.

6. ThunderPick


ThunderPick was launched in 2015 by Thunderpick eSports Limited. This app is one of the most fascinating casino apps that lets you bet on every available gaming platform on the earth. It is an innovative esports betting platform designed to fully satisfy the lightspeed-growing sports community of gamers and game enthusiasts. It was created by the top-notched seasoned player who aims to bring esports to another level. The user-friendly UI will guide people to the specific corner of the platform that they desire. The smart codings behind ThunderPick monitor user behavior and pick games automatically for the user. Of course, the users themselves can freely pick anything they like. They can go for League of Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2, Overwatch, as well as many professional online games. Besides these modern games, people can go back to retro casino games such as table spin, poker, pool betting games, and more. ThunderPick has been expanding its platform to support multiple platforms of gaming as well as different types of cryptocurrencies.

7. Wagerr


Wagerr was founded in 2015 as crypto investments and portfolio tracking platform. Later in 2018, September 15, it launched the world’s first ‘Direct-Chain’ betting protocol, creating an unrestrained, unrestricted, decentralized, and globally accessible betting application. It is available on both android and pc. With a betting fee that’s only 6% on winnings, users across the whole world can place their bets in the blockchain network and get paid without a centralized authority. When the betting fee is this low, imagine how many potential users will be on this platform. Wagerr is one of the most competitive casino industry that has more than a million users. But the fun fact is, the exact number of users is not officially confirmed. Because Wagerr provides a full anonymous user interface, the manager himself seldom knows this number. That’s why it is the world’s safest betting platform for casino-enthusiasts.

People love to bet on live sports and they want them accessible worldwide. Wagerr has made its platform to fulfill these criteria and opened an unrestricted channel. So, no matter where you are, just install Wagerr, choose your game, tap on the bet amount, and BOOM! You are on it! This is how simple it is.

8. SportsBet


SportsBet is the superfast betting app for live sports events worldwide. This is one of the most profound betting platforms that let you bet 24/7 online. With the support of 100+ major cryptocurrencies, you can bet with its auto crypto-conversion system. SportsBet is focused on 3 core principles; Fun, Fast, & Fair. Users of this betting app find it very charming to browse its stunning interface. The developers of this platform have many years of experience in the field of fiat currency betting. From their expert minds, came this idea to pour fiat currencies in bulk into an auto-conversion system and make betting available in cryptos. SportsBet has live events, a variety of markets & exchanges, VIP hostesses, player promotions, and most importantly, incredibly fast payouts. People can open an internal vault in this app and integrate their local banks with it. Simple and efficient.


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