Top 10 Crypto Portfolio Tracker Apps

By Crypto News Australia August 10, 2023

If you have a basket portfolio of cryptos which you want to track the prices for using your mobile then checkout some of the apps below which could help you monitor your coins & tokens.

1. Accointing App – Crypto Tracker

Accointing App - Crypto Tracker

Accointing App is a crypto price tracker which supports over 300 exchanges and wallets and over 6,000 cryptocurrencies and tokens. Simply connect your popular exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, OKEX, Binance DEX, Bibox, Deribit,, Bitpanda, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Bitstamp, IDEX, Kucoin, Gemini, Poloniex, Btcmarkets, Hitbtc, and more via direct API connection and then receive a live update of your profit and loss and total portfolio evaluation.

Accointing offers-

  • Support for over 300 exchanges and wallets
  • Support for over 6,000 cryptocurrencies
  • Watchlist feature to star your favorite coins for fast access
  • Market view for a snapshot of the whole crypto market and stats with historical prices
  • Portfolio overview with gains, percentage change and transaction history
  • Price alerts for your favorite tokens to help you react to the market
  • Portfolio alerts to keep you updated on your balance fluctuations

2. BlockFolio App

BlockFolio App

BlockFolio App is the world’s most popular Bitcoin portfolio tracker mobile app that supports more than 8000 cryptocurrencies. More than 1M users are currently using this mobile app to track their crypto wallet activities. This app is FREE and comes with a ton of surprises. With this simple app, you can track the world’s most famous crypto markets, tracking current prices, trading options, stocks, and more. 


Blockfolio offers-

  • Track the cryptocurrency market and updates about prices on more than 8000 coins.
  • Compare over 100 fiat currencies on your portfolio (USD, EUR, JPY).
  • Receive your personal portfolio graph and chart on recent trends.
  • View crypto candlestick charts and real-time order book information for every crypto coin.
  • Set alerts for crypto prices by selecting individual coins or bulk. This alert notifies the users about the up-price and down-price of the coins.
  • Gives updated NEWS 24/7 from Coindesk, Coin-Telegraph, and more. 
  • Track crypto airdrops and cryptocurrency mining rewards without entering a BUY or SELL record. Move tokens between exchanges and cryptocurrency wallets with a single tap. 

3. AltPocket App

AltPocket App

AltPocket App is a growing cryptocurrency portfolio tracker for everyday uses. It is a multi-platform application that works on desktop, mobile, and ios. This app is powered by a brilliant set of codings and unique algorithms. It tracks your investments, running market prices, and investment scopes simultaneously. It notifies any new and missing updates regarding up/down coins price, new investment opportunity, featured trades, etc. Altpocket is a one-stop-shop for all your cryptocurrency wallets. Whether that is tracking your investments, sharing and discussing cryptocurrency with a vibrant community, or following the latest ICO listings – Altpocket has got you covered.

AltPocket offers- 

  • Follow top-level trades
  • Analyze other trader’s portfolios and provide tips
  • Mark favorite traders and friends and notifies their activities
  • Auto-sync transactions
  • Track overall performance and gives filtered reports
  • Gets updates on the market understanding system from peers
  • Share users portfolio to reach more people

4. CoinGecko App

CoinGecko App

CoinGecko App is a new cryptocurrency wallet portfolio tracker on the market. This app is relatively new but has a pretty solid interface and user experience system. For it to reach 100,000+ users within a very short time is surprising. Because CoinGecko is a fast, 100% accurate, and 1-second-updates app that has made a very good impression on its users. It has real-time market trackers, alerts, analysis tools, news, and prices update database. Each part of its database shows updates with spread-sheet or charts. As free software, what can be more of a good deal than it?

CoinGecko offers-

  • Track crypto derivatives such as perpetual and future contracts
  • Read trending news, price alerts, trading information
  • Instant calculator with 6000+ crypto prices worldwide
  • Real-time data feedback
  • Access to more than 400 currency exchanges
  • 10+ crypto news portals
  • Supports all kinds of fiat currencies regardless of stock limit

5. Crypto Market Cap App

Crypto Market Cap App

Crypto Market Cap App is the best free cryptocurrency portfolio tracker that you can get. It is the perfect app to track your Bitcoin prices and get the latest news on market. It supports more than 5000 crypto coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, EOS, and Dash. Also, it can exchange between 50 fiat currencies worldwide. This app is light, doesn’t consume too much mobile data, and can run in the background. This app has no affiliation with CoinMarketCap. It adds free, no need to spend any extra coins. 

Crypto Market Cap offers-

  • Huge library of coins – Track over 5000 cryptocurrencies
  • Clear portfolio with investments, balance, profit & loss in fiat currencies
  • Global market updates – latest news, total market cap, price data, volume data
  • Price alerts – changes and variations between fiat & cryptocurrencies
  • Exchanges – latest trades, higher profit opportunities, over 400 crypto exchanges
  • Widgets – set up widgets on your home screen and track faster than light

6. Bitsnapp App

Bitsnapp App

Bitsnapp App portfolio is one of the best cryptocurrency portfolio trackers for retail investors. Don’t worry about losing your crypto portfolio tracks again. It supports up to 2000 different crypto coins including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and more. This system uses a smart tracking API that helps you integrate over 25 different exchanges and over 50 blockchain wallets track. The app interface is much simple than others. So, people can get a good user experience with it. Know the recent crypto market statistics instantly and get updates every second with Bitsnapp.

Bitsnapp offers-

  • Track up to 2000+ cryptocurrencies
  • Basic and full portfolio charts
  • Track individual coin info 
  • 50+ wallets with 25+ exchanges support
  • Superfast manual transaction
  • Track mining pools
  • Add-free UI for best user experience
  • Enhanced security system 

7. CoinTracking App

CoinTracking App

CoinTracking App is an official cryptocurrency portfolio tracking app. It is one of the best apps for tracking and analyzing all your trades and transactions. With the fetched data, it generates real-time data such as profit/loss per trade, coins prices, balances, realized/unrealized gains as well as multi-wallet support. It has an official site and all the functions can be operated for the mobile app through that site. 

CoinTracking offers-

  • Portfolio tracker supporting 4000+ digital currencies and tokens
  • Every fiat currency supported
  • Summarized view with a total value of coins, total account value, amount of each coin, each coin value
  • Display current change %rate, gains, profit/loss reports, individual coins data
  • Data chart option for all data
  • Quick access balance view


8. App App App is a high-tech true-giant crypto wallet portfolio tracker by the official platform. If you are a crypto-enthusiast, you probably already know about This platform offers a wide range of customer services that are hard to come by. There’s no need for further details. See its features and you will know whatever you need to know. 

Features of app-

  • Earn up to 8% per annum on your crypto
  • Get a metal Visa card
  • Buy/sell 50+ crypto live
  • Deposit crypto, get a loan, and trade on exchanges directly
  • No fees, no hidden charge when buying crypto
  • Direct bank transfer facility
  • 200+ coins price tracker

More benefits-

  • Unlimited access to 1000+ airport lounges globally
  • Music and movie subscription 
  • Up to 5% MCO rewards back on all spending

9. Coin Stats App

Coin Stats App

Coin Stats App is the number 1 free Bitcoin and cryptocurrency portfolio tracker app. Always get updated with the latest live crypto coin prices in real-time, view sophisticated market data effectively, and monitor your investments with a glance using Coin Stats. This app allows users to track their entire collection of crypto wallet portfolios at the same time, all in one app. Coin Stats was made by crypto enthusiasts who loved to make crypto easy and simple for common users. This app will allow you to grow and develop your crypto portfolio smoothly. So, when you use Coin Stats, you get instant updates every time.

Coin Stats offers- 

  • Track 5000+ altcoins prices with 250+ exchanges
  • Coin search- track best to buy/sell coins 
  • Full portfolio track- no limit on the wallet amounts
  • Graphical charts for all crypto coins
  • Portfolio analytics and alerts
  • Crypto news services
  • Portfolio share and weekly updates
  • Free Widgets for fast-tracking 

10. Coin Market Cap App

Coin Market Cap App

Coin Market Cap App is the world’s most powerful crypto app for tracking the cryptocurrency wallet portfolio. This digital tool will track your crypto assets, e-money, with universal crypto tools to help you manage them all. In the crypto market, the most powerful thing is the updated information. If you miss any info about the market price of the latest tradings, you might have missed a big chance of profit. But with CoinMarketCap mobile application, you don’t need a guide. With its reliable information network, you can be anywhere and still view all the things happening in the crypto market. Over 500,000 users are currently using this app to track their crypto portfolios. 

Coin Market Cap offers-

  • 100% reliable news tracker
  • Fully digital portfolio tracker
  • Track 16,000+ crypto market globally
  • Data charts, history logs, candlestick charts, links
  • Real-time coin price track and alerts
  • 2000+ crypto coins exchange track
  • Track currency rates from 1-hour to 1-year record log

11. HODL App


HODL App has been a new tool for crypto wallet portfolio tracking in the market. If you are looking for something fresh, then HODL is your partner. Track everything for your cryptocurrencies including real-time charts, updated prices from all over the world, trades and exchanges, and many more. Also, it will give live feedback, filtered tweets & breaking headlines from all top news sources and agencies. The interface of this app is simple and very user-friendly. It was made targeting the professional traders. This app is free, with no hidden charges. As a new app, not more than 11,000 users are currently using it.

HODL offers-

  • Real-time crypto data track
  • Data charts 
  • News – updated from multiple aggregators
  • Tweets, Stocktwits & HODL
  • Price alerts and notifications
  • Watchlist and Portfolio management 
  • Smart categorizing system
  • Exchange updates and public portfolio tracker


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