Top 10 Blockchain Social Network Apps [Decentralised]

By Crypto News Australia August 11, 2023

Check out our collection of the best blockchain social network apps which use the power of blockchain technology to decentralise the social network ownership and free us from unwanted data collection.

1. is a social networking application based on the blockchain system. It is an entirely decentralized platform where you will get all those social media features that you have seen up till now. You can post videos, blogs, images, and status here. Direct messages and group messages can be sent from both the mobile app and the online page. People all over the world can connect with each other through Discover trending content, latest feedbacks, hashtags- all in one app. Another awesome feature is you can make transactions in cryptos (BTC, ETH, ZCash, etc) using this. Additionally, upon fulfilling specific criteria, you will be able to earn tokens each day through contributions. Those tokens can be redeemed for channel upgrades, content promotion and boosting, and more. Get your profile connected with thousands of members of the crypto community through

2. Steemit


Steemit, while looking very much similar to Reddit, is one of the most advanced blockchain social community networks in the world. Steemit is fast and has a lot to offer to the users. There is one thing that makes it outstanding in the crowd. And that is, you can earn cryptos in Steemit for anything you do. If you post any content and whenever you get upvotes, you earn. Again, you can be a contributor to society by unvoting the best content and earn crypto as a reward. So, it’s a double win-win situation. Steemit uses an entirely new cryptocurrency system that is different from regular coins like BTC, ETH, etc. While regular cryptos are generated due to the computational power of rigs and miners, Steemit users themselves generate crypto by their activity on the community. So, you can say that Steemit is a community-driven blockchain social network for you.

3. is your multipurpose crypto blockchain platform that has both social media and regular crypto exchange features. It is one of the fastest and lightest blockchain community that has millions of users active, exchanging cryptos, gossiping, and improving the whole community seamlessly. has a similar interface to Facebook, but it’s not completely followed over. People can view posts, contents, ads, etc., and earn reward points here. Either trade real cash for the points or invest in cryptos is your choice. allows users to add crypto wallets to their accounts and make transactions right away. There are no fees or charges in the sign-up process here. So, grow your community bigger with


4. is not a simple social network platform but one of the most outstanding ones. That’s right. It is the lightest and fastest social network community for the western world. If you are an internet freak, you obviously know about Discord, a highly popular social platform in the world. has almost the similar interface like discord. But the difference is, here you get full access to the blockchain network system through Buy and sell crypto coins, trade, and make transactions easily with MT5 platform integration. This platform comes with anti-abuse tools to help yourself to stay secured. You will receive a specific key which you need to insert while approving anything. So, even if someone has your phone unlocked, he/she can’t trigger any event in your account.

5. SocialX


SocialX is a community-driven social media platform that allows users over the world through photos, videos, and blogs. You may find it very similar to Facebook or Instagram, but there is a big difference here. SocialX is a decentralized blockchain platform. Users here can earn cryptocurrencies through SOCX token rewards. Anything you do here, such as like, comment, shares, will earn you reward points. Similarly, you get to earn huge points by posting content regularly. Surprisingly, you can have more bulk reward points by gaining super likes form users. Get ready to earn and blog at SocialX.

6. is one of the most popular social community in the world. It is an online community very similar to twitch. This platform only supports live streaming and generate profits through them. It is also a decentralized blockchain social network site. It has its own crypto coin “Lemon” as the transaction medium. Stream your social profile, live experience, gaming, crafting, bla, bla- almost anything you want and earn Lemon crypto coin through it. Just get on to, and you will know what it is all about.

7. is a paid content publishing platform that is open for all. As you may know, many online platforms and websites help you sell your content to buyers worldwide. You often meet buyers and turn your skills into a sweet deal of cash. However, is the first blockchain network that directly buys contents from users in the exchange of Bitcoins. It is a real-time platform where people can trade for skills. To know how it operates more deeply, you need to get on to this platform.

8. Diasporafoundation


Diasporafoundation is a no-cost software for creating a unique community platform that promotes the full freedom of work. That’s right. It is the perfect online community where people can freely enroll and start communicating with pioneering buyers all over the world. Diasporafoundation is simple yet one of the most advanced social networking platforms on the earth. It is a blockchain-based network that allows people to go fully anonymous while presenting their skills and expertise to the employers. There is no fixed categories or limitation on skill window, meaning that you can offer any kind of services (i.e.: Mars mass-transit deliveryman). The Dapp stores data into Pods in the blockchain network. So, you can have complete security and complete authority on your account. Sell your capabilities to millions of buyers anonymously at Diasporafoundation.

9. PropsProject


PropsProject is an open-source infrastructure that creates a decentralized network of applications operated by independent operators. This project is intended to empower the people who help digital communities to urge for the betterment and creates a bridge between continents to grow together. PropsProject generates digital tokens, which can be accessed from any apps, networks, and platforms. The Props token allows people to easily invest, trade, and transact in cryptos. This platform is backed by USV, Venrock, Comcast Ventures, and more. You can easily integrate props into any social platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, and generate Props tokens through popularity. Easy and simple.

10. Sapien


Sapien is a Web3 blockchain decentralized social network app and is one of the most popular ones in this field. It ensures data sovereignty, meaningful conversations, and economic empowerment. Sapien is a democratized social network that has a crypto token reward system. The main currency here is the SPN token that allows rewards to the users and also is needed for P2P communications. The company has stacked more than 17.8 million SPN tokens since the foundation. Unlike other social networks, Sapien has knowledgeable persons as members and associates. Promotes Ethereum, it wants an upsurge of ETH coins over BTC in the general market. So, either way, Sapien empowers the community to create their own governance frameworks based on consensus. Join the best blockchain decentralized social network platform for your own benefits.


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