Top 10 Bitcoin Superannuation Options in Australia

By Crypto News Australia August 10, 2023

Investing your Bitcoin in your superannuation has become popular over the past year or so, especially with self-managed super funds (SMSF). Here is our list of what we think are the best Bitcoin Superannuation Options Available in Australia.

1. NGS Crypto

NGS Crypto

NGS Crypto (also known as Nextgen Systems or NGS for short) is an international investment institution who aims to help individuals and institutional investors find the best cryptocurrency investment opportunities. Their mission is to provide their clients both the highest return of investment and quality of service using efficient mining rigs to successfully mine the most profitable cryptocurrencies.

Most superannuation funds out there are only achieving around 5 – 7 per cent returns. NGSCRYPTO members across Australia are consistently achieving upwards of 10 – 16 per cent returns per annum by taking full advantage of their unique investment model. There are multiple benefits of investing your superannuation with NGSCRYPTO which includes $0 upfront fees when transferring your superannuation across, saving you thousands, all returns are paid daily in Bitcoin, and many more.

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2. CoinJar


CoinJar is one of the most trusted and longest-running digital currency exchange in Australia. Established in 2013, CoinJar is widely known for their simple to use and innovative products such as the popular digital currency debit card CoinJar Swipe and their CoinJar mobile application for iOS and Android. The team at CoinJar is set on providing valuable and innovative applications in the digital currency industry.

CoinJar also tailors to institutions such as market makers, trading firms, fund managers, etc. Institutions looking to access digital assets and markets can do so through CoinJar Exchange, their cryptocurrency trading platform or through CoinJar OTC. You don’t have to worry about the security of your digital assets as CoinJar utilizes the best security measures out there. Over 90% of the digital assets are stored in offline and secure locations to avoid breaches from online attacks. 

With now over 400,000 users and $1.5 billion worth of digital currency traded, CoinJar is one of the best Bitcoin superannuation options in Australia out there today. 

3. CoinSpot


CoinSpot ensures that managing your Self Managed Super Funds and cryptocurrency is as simple as possible. Their interface is innovative and easy to use. You can choose to invest in over 130 different cryptocurrencies to easily diversify your portfolio. CoinSpot has a very friendly and locally-based SMSF support team to assist you with your enquiries.

CoinSpot also has its CoinSwap feature where you can swap or trade coin-to-coin with any of the other currencies on the platform. CoinSpot is great for those just starting to learn how to trade with digital currency because of how beginner-friendly it is. 

4. Independent Reserve

Independent Reserve

Independent Reserve gives you the best seat in the house for crypto investments. Day by day, more Australians are choosing Bitcoin or cryptocurrency as their main investment plan. Every day, people are becoming self -reliant and investing in bitcoins with a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF). It is pretty much fixed that, the future economy will be running through cryptocurrency. So, in order to secure a good investment position, you need an institute that understands crypto to the core. 

That’s why Independent Reserve works with people who seek the safest investment platform on the continent. As a native Australian, you are welcomed to an open discussion with the company to know deeply about their policy. Note that for any investment in cryptocurrencies (over 20 different currencies) to be allowed, it must be specifically enabled and included in the SMSF trust deed. You can fetch more than $10,000 in a single successful trade with this institute. Also, you have auto-trader that will work non stop. Moreover, they only take 0.05% commission on a trade. So, what’s the reason you are not joining now?

5. Cointree


Cointree is a cryptocurrency exchange institute with a solid backbone. Most Australians invest in crypto before a thorough study on the market. That’s why they are cheated from time to time. But, Cointree ensures that you get to know what you are doing. They are fascinated about cryptocurrency, blockchain and the world that engages with crypto technology. Developed in Melbourne in 2013, Cointree is an easy, fast and safe platform that made investments more accessible to the users. 

Currently, Cointree offers a 5 tier membership plan with a lowest $100 to a highest $1,000,000 trade cap. Moreover, you can get up to 70% cash-back from the referral program. Of course, they charge only charge 0.25% commission for bronze tier and 0.05% commission for diamond tier users. More than anything, you can earn much with their referral program without even investing an ounce. So, Cointree is a top superannuation institute in Australia that you can put your trust in.

6. H&R Block

H&R Block

H&R Block offers the best SMSF aka self-managed super fund services in the market. Nowadays, no matter where you are or what currency you use, all can be converted into crypto. The rapid expanding industries need people with a solid backbone. Where can you place your trust for the time after retirement? That is a big question. That’s why H&R Block is at your service.

From going through you tax returns to your SMSF wallet management, H&R Block can take care of all of that. The biggest problem is, Australian policies don’t approve cryptocurrencies as a legitimate currency system. That’s why paying all of your utilities and making investments in crypto is hard. Well, you will be happy to learn that, H&R Block will make legal terms with the policies, take care of your taxes, manage and maintain your investments. With a fixed price of $187.50 per month, you will get real-time data feed on your wallet activity and a lot more. So, why not work with H&R Block right now?

7. Hive Ex

Hive Ex

Hive Ex is an international investment institute founded and operated in Australia. Commencing operation in February 2018, the company aims to improve the investment market situation. They have addressed a severe lack of market maturity when it comes to large volume investments through cryptocurrency. So, they have made a brilliant investment plan that boosts your investments market value more than the regular value. High-net-worth individuals, family offices, businesses, funds, trusts and blockchain-based projects- are the key business Hive Ex likes to handle. 

Hive Ex is a successful cryptocurrency broker who is known for large volume trades. They basically do safe trades from US$35,000 to US$70 million at only 0.5-1.7% trade fee. With a 50+ cryptocurrency support, they make trade easy as pie. Have a safe investment with their 24/7 live consumer support.

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