Top 10 Bitcoin Cloud Mining Options for Australia

By Crypto News Australia August 10, 2023

Here are the Best Bitcoin Cloud Mining Options for Australians who might be looking to get exposure into the cryptocurrency market without the market risks of buying the underlying crypto assets. Investing in a bitcoin mining fixed-term contract means you can get daily reward payouts in BTC and at the end of the contract you get your initial investment back in full. Which means less worrying about the ups and downs of the volatile crypto market.

1. NGSCrypto


NGS Crypto is one of the leading bitcoin mining companies in Australia, offering their members minimum fixed-rate returns between 6-16% per annum. Providing deep strategic insights and trading skills on the blockchain network, NGS Crypto offers multi-coin blockchain mining agreements, returning 100% of their customers initial investment at the end of their agreed term.

NGS Crypto is a continuously growing platform that has been increasing its hashing power and user base every day. They accept cash and crypto investments as well as self managed super funds (SMSF). You can find out your minimum returns before you invest using the mining calculator is mining calculator on their website.

2. Genesis Mining

Genesis Cloud Mining

Genesis Mining was founded at the end of 2013, one of the leading brands in the bitcoin mining industry. In its foundation state, the founders were people who got to know each other through buying/selling bitcoins. They were enthusiasts who build their own platform so that they could achieve something. Today, they have Genesis Mining as the first and proficient crypto-mining service in Eastern Europe. This platform has a leading hash-power within the continent, providing abundant mining facilities all over the world. 


Genesis Mining, with a goal of generalizing cryptocurrencies, provides a multi-algorithm and multi-coin cloud mining service. It is powered by expert developers to run 24/7, providing a non-stop flow of hash mining power. It has more than 2 million users worldwide getting a superfast mining facility. If you want to invest in secured and cost-effective mining, you got to choose Genesis Mining.

3. HashFlare


HashFlare is a cloud mining service that is based in Scotland. This company was founded by experts from HashCoins in 2015. In 2016, HashFlare became an independent crypto mining company that owns a billion-dollar firm. It is one of the largest service providers that own a tremendous amount of computational power for mining coins. Right now, it can mine major coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and the minor others. 

HashFlare has always been using high-quality equipment on its mining headquarter, ensuring a strong and uninterrupted mining network. Just from the perspective of mining speed, it has surpassed companies like Bitman, Bitfury, Inno3d, and more. Despite being high-tech, its mining prices are quite cost-effective. This company always prioritizes making its services accessible for both the crypto-enthusiasts and general users. With their strong communication, they have put a tremendous effort into designing their platform by working in hands with many engineers, developers, and specialists. Right now, they have more than 2.5 million users mining with them.

4. Cloud Mining Cloud Mining was first founded in 2014, registered in Saint Kitts and Nevis. This company was first an info brokerage on the blockchain network. Later it started buying/selling bitcoins as a bitcoin exchange. Through changing its domain name two times, finally it got its identity popular as a bitcoin buy/sell, exchange, mining platform. In November 2017 when bitcoin was getting popular, ranked 3rd on google on google play store. That month, the company claimed to open 500,000 crypto wallets on the blockchain network. is serving as a mining platform for both hardware and cloud mining. It has a quality computation speed that makes it one of the top mining services in the world. Ever since it opened it’s own mining pool, there has been a surge of power on its mining capability. Now, you can start mining at a hard to image speed with

5. Hashing24

Hashing24 Cloud Mining

Hashing24 is a Bitcoin mining company founded back in 2012. It has been offering a relatively upstanding performance in the crypto mining industry. This company was created to ensure effective mining capabilities and provide the folks (new or pro) with quality resources that can compare to any mega-mining industries. This is the world’s first crypto-mining service that requires zero equipment possession for its users. The fully automatic cloud mining system has the best security and efficiency that you are looking for. Additionally, you can buy more hash-power from its industrial mining equipment supplier BitFury through this company.

Hashing24 offers a good rate of 200+ PH/s mining capacity to its users. It has experts on-board, testing its equips 24/7, ensuring your investments worth every second. It will provide unique blocks per user so none of their wallets get too deep inside the deep-dive. Also, you don’t have to make any deposits. Just sign a contract, pay the equipment fee and service charges per month, you start mining from that moment on. Note that the payout is based on the overall network hash rate, and 100% uptime is guaranteed.

6. CCG

CCG Cloud Mining

CCG was founded in 2016 during the surge of cryptocurrencies on the global market. The company works to make crypto accessible and an easy medium for transactions to common users. It is an international company offering wide service solutions on the blockchain network technology. So far, it has managed to get 45,000 high-class private investors and over 800 business magnets on its platform. So, it is high-reached in ranking factors in terms of capacity and capability.

CCG aims to provide the best quality mining opportunities to its users. Thanks to its efficient market research, people will get a flexible environment and necessary updates on the market. Moreover, it is a company that directly sells rigs and additional pieces of equipment for crypto mining. Additionally, you get a 6% commission for every sale from your referral with its affiliate program. If you are looking for quality services, you might give CCG a shot.

7. CryptoUniverse


CryptoUniverse is a European crypto coin mining giant and one of the largest 42MW mining center. This multifunctional cryptocurrency cloud mining provider was found on February 14, 2017. The company aims to make its mining services available to common people at a cheap rate. As CryptoUniverse was created by true crypto enthusiasts, they love their work and solely focus on generalizing the crypto market. On top of that, the company provides a new dimension on speed and hash-power on its mining services. Also, it has experts, doing schedule upgrades to increase the net computational power on the blockchain network. In a word, it works non-stop with a goal to make crypto accessible to everyone. 

Now, CryptoUniverse has a cloud mining option as well as sells individual miners. Each miner costs much more than a cloud mining contract but is more reliable and more profitable. Moreover, it consumes a little part of its income and pours a great deal of money back into its hardware. That’s why, the more it earns, the more it gets bigger. Again, people could buy miners and attach them to CryptoUniverse’s mining system. Thus only paying the maintenance bill, you could profit without worries. Right now, the company operates more than 18,000 miners working 24/7.

8. Gene-Mining


Gene-Mining is a Cryptocurrency cloud mining service that was founded in 2017. It provides a secured and easy-to-use Bitcoin mining service, accessible to common users. The company aims to make cryptocurrencies available to all regardless of age, gender, location, or experience. Today, the world’s total bitcoin mining speed has reached such a level that can not be compared to even half a year before. Likewise, Gene-Mining has been upgrading its technologies continuously and now it can provide a shocking amount of 60,000 GH/s per user.

Gene-Mining has third-party mining farms spread all over the world. It is remotely connected to all of them, totaling the hash-power increased to this degree. On its platform, users can share their hardware power to run the cloud mining system ongoing as long as there is enough electricity. The company gathers the best equipment, CPUs, and GPUs, to run its mining rig 24/7 non-stop. Also, you will get the best returns ever. So, why worry so much when you can invest successfully with Gene-Mining.

9. RHY

RHY Mining

RHY is an ultra-large blockchain mine in the world that is based in China. This company was founded in 2016 with the sole purpose of mining bitcoins globally. Right now, it has a shocking 300,000 miners running 24/7 and consuming another shocking 450MW power. For this large-scale operation to go smooth, the company has established a natural gas station power generator to fill its consumption. So, it has become one of the core blockchain data center with its stunning hash-power. 

RHY is a multi-segment industry that operates cloud mining plants, large-scale substations, natural gas power plants, hydroelectric power stations, and more. It produces mining rigs and additional equipment that people can buy online. Also, it gives mining rigs for rental purposes, targeting big industries. Now, RHY has become the world’s most resource-intensive and largest blockchain mine.

10. HashNest

HashNest Cloud Mining

HashNet was founded in 2013, one of the aged and seasoned companies that provide seamless cloud mining services worldwide. With more than 400,000 trusted users involved, this company owns a large share on the blockchain network. It has been hosting multiple branded miners like Antiminer S17, S15, Z11, Whatsminer M21S, etc. People get to mine major crypto coins through this platform. The best thing is, when you sign a contract with HashNest, you can continue with that contract for a lifetime. In short, buy once and never again. Again, you can sell your hash-rates freely on their market. These types of services are unimaginable even in many big mining industries. 

Since founded, HashNest never faced any security issues. So, stay tuned with HashNest and earn your share of coins safe and secured. 


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