Top 10 Art NFT Projects

By Crypto News Australia August 08, 2023

Art NFT Projects have been exploding onto the scene recently as they represent an opportunity for artists to generate “money” through their digital art creations that can be sold for cryptocurrency tokens.

These Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique digital assets that are minted on the blockchain using smart contracts to prove ownership and authenticity. They can be either digital versions of physical artworks or purely digital works.

This article will provide you with a list of what we think are the Top 10 Art NFT Projects at the moment. We’ve compiled the list based on popularity, profitability and creativity to help you explore some of the amazing NFT communities available to you.

1. Cool Cats

Just a few of the available Cool Cats
Just a few of the available Cool Cats

Cats on the Ethereum blockchain seem to be popular among those looking to get involved with NFTs. Cool Cats have a lot to offer in terms of personalising your unique tokens. With 9,999 randomly generated and curated cats, you’ll be on the hunt for the rarest facial expressions, colours and outfits.


Cool Cats have a current trading price of 7.6969 ETH (approximately A$46k). Beyond the price, Cool Cat holders can get involved with community raffles and giveaways, along with exclusive NFT claims. The goal is to locate the coolest cats you can find. With each feline composed of different outfits, bodies, hats and faces, these fun and colourful creations may just be worth your cash.

Check out: The Cool Cats site home page has a delightful interactive map that all digital art and NFT lovers should explore.

2. CryptoPunks

10 out of 10,000 pixelated punks
10 out of 10,000 pixelated punks

Developed in 2017, CryptoPunks has gone on to perform incredibly well on the Ethereum blockchain. With 10,000 little pixelated punks available for you to collect, this is one of the original art projects that fostered developments in modern crypto art. Originally, if you owned an Ethereum wallet, you could claim one for free. However, if you are seeking CryptoPunks now, you will need to purchase them through the market.

Currently, the lowest-priced punk you can get your hands on is worth 83.95 ETH (approximately A$512k). So, while these punks aren’t affordable for everyone, if you have the available crypto they may be worth the purchase.

Check out: The backgrounds of these CryptoPunks are important. Blue denotes not for sale, red is for sale, and purple has active bids taking place.

3. Decentraland

NFTs and gaming merge in Decentraland
NFTs and gaming merge in Decentraland

Decentraland presents the concept of using NFT art to create an alternate reality on the Ethereum blockchain. The NFT aspect allows you to buy and sell land assets on its NFT marketplace; it is then up to you what you choose to build on the land that you own. Mana is the currency used for Decentraland. Given the size of this project, this article only has enough space to scrape the surface. There is so much to explore within this project that we recommend taking time out to get to know the opportunities Decentraland can offer.

While Decentraland uses Mana, the current ETH price is 0.001193 (approximately A$7). Therefore, if this is a concept that interests you, now may be the time to consider buying in.

Check out: Decentraland is equally compatible with web browsers and VR technology; if you have the equipment, why not get properly immersed?

4. CrypToadz

Find amphibious creatures with CrypToadz
Find amphibious creatures with CrypToadz

If you like your art projects in the public domain, with fun background stories featuring amphibious creatures, CrypToadz might be for you. There are 6,969 of these small, pixelated toad friends, all with unique colours, facial expressions and seeming personalities. Gremplin, the creator of CrypToadz, and his group of acolytes are no longer creating more Toadz, making these NFTs more expensive than others.

The floor price is 3.45 ETH, which is roughly A$20k. However, as CrypToadz has strived to waive as many copyright laws as possible to keep the Toadz part of the public domain, what you use them for is up to you.

Check out: The fun origin story is a must-read if you’d like to gain an appreciation for Gremplin and his NFTs.

5. VeeFriends

VeeFriends: simple doodles with business connections
VeeFriends: simple doodles with business connections

Are you a fan of meaningful intellectual property? If so, you may want to know more about VeeFriends, composed of a series of animal doodles on various colourful backgrounds. Most of these drawings are very basic line art, mainly in black; however, different line colours can be found across different friends.

Owning VeeFriends also gives you access to VeeCon, which is essentially an exclusive multi-day event focused on business, entrepreneurship, friendship, etc.

Check out: The number of extras included within VeeCon may be extremely useful for business-minded people looking to learn from each other.

6. The Sandbox

Minecraft and NFTs meet in The Sandbox
Minecraft and NFTs meet in The Sandbox

Perhaps you want something that feels more like a game in a similar way to Decentraland; in which case, The Sandbox has future potential. Rather than a typical image NFT, The Sandbox allows you to purchase land that you can use in whichever way you like. The game is very Minecraft-style with a blocky terrain; there are 166,464 land assets available for purchase.

The floor price of 0.781 ETH (almost A$5k) allows you to break into the game. Once you own land, you have the option of hosting events and contests. You can also create your own games and have your say in the metaverse governance.

Check out: The art style of this metaverse is intriguing and despite sharing similarities with Minecraft, the games look quite different.

7. CryptoKitties

Cat lovers rejoice with these fluffy NFTs
Cat lovers rejoice with these fluffy NFTs

The second cat-related entry in this list is CryptoKitties. CryptoKitties are slightly different from some of the other works available as they allow you to find your unique tokens through purchasing and breeding these colourful cats. Each Kitty has a unique genome, and you can find differences in eye shape, chin shape, fur colour, etc; the possibilities are endless.

CryptoKitties aren’t always cheap, ranging from one dollar to thousands, with it being difficult to narrow down the ETH floor price. CryptoKitties is on the Ethereum blockchain and, while popular, they’re not as popular as you might think, meaning there’s plenty of time to buy in if that’s what you wish to do.

Check out: The tutorial can be played on the CryptoKitties site without signing up for anything. If you want to get a feel for these NFTs, it may be worth starting there.

8. Bored Ape Yacht Club (and Mutant Ape Yacht Club)

Experience exclusivity with the Bored Ape Yacht Club
Experience exclusivity with the Bored Ape Yacht Club

Bored Ape Yacht Club has a slightly edgy feel to its sought-after cartoon apes. You can find 10,000 Bored Apes in circulation on the Ethereum blockchain, each of which displays high levels of sass, and (as you’d expect) boredom. Regardless of the attitude of the apes, yacht clubs are always exclusive affairs. Art NFT Projects like BAYC give you membership and access to ‘that bathroom’ – a collaborative graffiti board.

Unfortunately (if you don’t yet own one), these apes aren’t cheap; with a floor price of 47.98 ETH – approximately A$298k – it’s a highly successful and thus valuable collection. If you do have a Bored Ape, exposing it to ‘mutant serum’ will allow you to join the Mutant Ape Yacht Club, a parallel NFT strain.

Check out: The gently animated background art for the Bored Ape Yacht Club needs to be seen to be appreciated.

9. The CryptoDads (and CryptoMums)

10,000 potential CryptoDads are in circulation
10,000 potential CryptoDads are in circulation

If you have a great dad or are looking for one, CryptoDads may be the NFT for you. With 10,000 dads in circulation, the paternal possibilities are abundant. The dads are popular with those seeking 100 percent of the innovative and commercial rights. Not only that, but real dads are putting these out into the world – to add a little more authenticity.

The current price floor for the CryptoDads is 0.225 ETH, or slightly over A$1k. However, if you’d prefer a more feminine touch, the CryptoMums are free to mint for all NFT holders.

Check out: CryptoDad holders may be eligible for merchandise discounts – if you’re interested.

10. The Littles NFT

Tiny teddies in the Littles collection
Tiny teddies in the Littles collection

Finally, if small, pixelated bears are more your style, the Littles could be a good option for you. They may not be so appealing to those who take life seriously; however, if you fancy collecting colourful and diminutive movers and shakers, there are 10,000 “dreamers, explorers, and mischief makers” available.

Check out: The wide range of outfits, facial expressions and background colours that accompany these little teddies.


And there we have it, some creative NFTs projects to help put you on the path to choosing from thousands of available options to add to your digital art collections. You can also buy digital art now via online nft art auctions where you can bid using cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum. There is so much potential for the future of blockchain and art, especially as NFTs move into game development which adds utility for them.


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