Sorare Beginners Guide & Tips 2021

By Crypto News Australia August 09, 2023

This is a guide for beginners to help you enjoy, prosper and stay safe while playing the Sorare fantasy football game.

Before reading this article, but sure to read the Full Sorare Review to get an understanding of the game and the pros and cons of playing it.

Last updated: 17/09/2021

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Beginner Guide

  1. Crypto wallet options
  2. Account security
  3. Before you buy cards
  4. Scouting cards
  5. Training players
  6. Player points scoring
  7. Winning cards in competitions
  8. Bidding fraudsters
  9. League calendar dates
  10. Direct buying on discord
  11. Personal tax reporting

Crypto Wallet Options

The Sorare game economy is based on the Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency. To play the game to its full potential, you’ll need to buy some ETH or deposit some from your external crypto wallet. See options and video tutorials below to see how to do it.


You have two options:

  1. Buy ETH directly through the website using the Ramp service with your credit/debit card or bank deposit.
  2. Transfer your ETH from your exchange (ie Binance or Coinbase) to a wallet below and then deposit from that wallet into Sorare.

Popular wallet options:

  1. MetaMask (my preferred option; you’ll need the Brave web browser because MetaMask is a browser extension which can connect directly with the Sorare website).
  2. Coinbase wallet (best option for Apple mobile phones or if you already have a Coinbase account).
  3. Trust Wallet (best option for Android mobile phones – deposit using Wallet Connect option).

Important to note:

  • You cannot sent ETH directly to your Sorare account; you’ll need to use either MetaMask or Trust Wallet to connect and deposit.
  • All the wallet options above do not allow you to buy crypto directly. If you are looking to do this, then check out The Best Exchanges For Australia guide.
  • If you’re not interested in taking crypto out of your account, you probably won’t need an external wallet as you can buy directly with Ramp.
  • You cannot use MetaMask on mobile phones or iPads.

Using MetaMask

Using Coinbase wallet

Using Trust wallet

Account Security

Absolute must:

  • Set up your 2-Auth login using Google Authenticator

This will add extra security to your account as you must enter a four-digit code every time you log in, preventing unauthorised access. To set this up, click your profile picture > settings > 2 factor authentication. Then download Google Authenticator App on your mobile phone and scan the QR code and enter the code. That’s it; next time you log in, open the app on your phone and enter the code.



  • Write down your Sorare private key and keep it safe on a piece of paper (this is your access to your digital wallet). To access your private key, click on your wallet top right a> clog symbol > private key.
  • Set up a Ramp account and deposit a small amount (they will use your card to verify your account should you lose your phone and are unable to access your 2-Auth code – read more about account recovery).

Before You Buy Cards

Before buying cards on Sorare, here are a few things to consider and some screenshots below which show where to find it.

  1. Check the price history – the Sorare data website shows the previous recent sales so you can gauge if you’re getting a good deal.
  2. Check the season on the card – the newer season cards score +5% more points.
  3. Check the player’s XP – a player with a higher level scores more bonus points.
  4. Check the news – is your player injured?
  5. Check the player’s recent scores – how well has he performed? Does he play for an international team? Does he play in Euro comps?
  6. Check the league coverage – are the player’s scores covered by Sorare? If not, they won’t score you any points!
                                                                      Sorare data card information
Sorare data card information
                                                                       Sorare data card information 2
Sorare player card sale
                                                                      Sorare data card information 3
Checking news to see there is an injury

Scouting Cards

As mentioned before, the website is the place to go to do your scouting and check player card statistics.

                                                                      Sorare data card information 4
Soraredata player performance history

The Card Finder tool is particularly useful to find best performing cards for the S05 competitions. You can create a watchlist by clicking the heart icon and then using this filter to keep track of when the players you want are on sale.

You can also use the Lineup builder tool to see if you have enough players for a gameweek for all your competitions (to find it: go to > login with your Sorare account > click on your profile name > My lineup builder).

Soraredata lineup builder
Soraredata lineup builder

Training Players XP

The game has a training competition where you can add your unused players to gain XP, improving their scoring potential. Don’t forget that you can enter multiple teams into training to make use of your non-playing cards to increase their XP and potential sale value. Also if you want to enter multiple teams you’ll need a lot of super cheap goalkeepers that probably don’t play but can be used to create full training teams.

Sorare special training competition
Sorare special training competition

There are 3 types of XP

  1. Captain – 20%
  2. Season Bonus – 5% if the card is from the current season
  3. Level bonus, which depends on the XP your card has gained and its scarcity, eg, rare, super rare, unique.
Sorare player bonus breakdown example
Sorare player bonus breakdown example

For more detailed analysis of players XP, check out the Advanced Player & Team Experience (XP) Formulas article on Medium.

Player Points Scoring

The fantasy points scoring system Sorare uses is different to other common fantasy football games. The score is calculated from Opta stats, the same stats used by a wide range of applications from news sites to betting websites.

Many users on Sorare have openly stated that they think this scoring system is better than FPL, as it give those defensive players more opportunity to get points other than for just scoring or assisting a goal.


  • Overall Score (0-100) = Starting Score + Game Score + Accuracy Bonus

For a full breakdown on player scoring, see the article Sorare Scoring System Explained by Draft Gym, or watch the video below:

Winning Cards in Competitions

Along with multiple competitions you can enter on the Sorare main website, there are some partner websites where you can also win cards.

SorareMega has a few free competitions where you can enter your cards. It’s pretty easy; you just log in with your Sorare account and then choose your cards to enter. If your players perform well, you could win a free card!

mega league

Bidding Fraudsters

If you receive a bid, double-check the ETH value and don’t misclick low ETH offers for your players. Some idiots are placing low bids to try to get people to accept them by a drunk misclick. It has happened.

Twitter Embed

To counter this, Sorare has recently added a block button and a minimum price for offers, which certainly helps.

Twitter Embed

League Calendar Dates

Check out the season calendar by Sorare Fans to avoid buying players that are off season or don’t have any upcoming league games.

Sorare season calendar
Sorare season calendar by

Direct Buying on Discord

Sorare has an official Discord channel where over 16,000 managers are discussing the game and engaging as part of a community. There are a lot of useful channels in the discord, such as announcements, feedback, support, player news and more.

If you go to the #for-sale channel you can find managers posting their cards for sale. If you see something you like, you can then send them a direct message on discord and start the negotiations. I find this a useful way to get good bundle deals from managers looking to get some quick ETH.

Sorare on discord #for-sale channel
Sorare on discord #for-sale channel

Personal Tax Reporting

Tax, everyone’s favourite subject – but it’s worth mentioning that in most countries cryptocurrencies are now being targeted by the tax department.

Technically, every blockchain transaction is a taxable event, so you are liable to pay a capital gains tax on your profit (depending on your country and personal circumstances). See the Australian tax laws guide for more info.

Personally, I keep a record of deposits and withdrawals in/out of my Sorare account for my tax reporting to send to my accountant come tax time.

What to record:

  • Date (of transaction)
  • From account (ie MetaMask wallet, Binance or Bank account)
  • To account (ie Sorare account)
  • Crypto coin symbol and amount (ie 0.2 ETH)
  • Amount AUD (equivalent value in your local currency)
  • Fees AUD (you might be able to claim these back!)
  • Transaction link (blockchain explorer link as proof)

Having these records will definitely save time and headaches in the long run, and is also a handy reference to see how you’re performing financially.

Hope this has guide helped you; be sure to check out the Full Sorare Review if you want to find out more, including an FAQ section. If I missed something you think might be useful for beginners, please contact me on Twitter using the link below.


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