Review of Bitcoin Pro Trading System Australia

By Crypto News Australia August 14, 2023

Established in 2016, Bitcoin Pro is a relatively new AI-assisted trading platform. It’s described as an automated trading robot that makes cryptocurrency trading easier and is implied that even beginner traders can use this tool. It claims that the tool can allow traders to use this platform even without knowing the fundamentals of cryptocurrency trading and without needing to spend much time. In addition, Bitcoin Pro is said to be able to complete most of the market assessments and can execute trades by itself.

“An automated trading system (ATS), a subset of algorithmic trading, uses a computer program to create buy and sell orders and automatically submits the orders to a market center or exchange.” – Source:

The robot is estimated to be able to perform at a 99.4% accuracy rate due to its exchange algorithm.

In this review, we will be taking a closer look at the Bitcoin Pro trading system, the potential it offers, what features the tool offers, and ultimately, if this is a legitimate platform.


What is Bitcoin Pro?

As this is a relatively new tool on the market, some of you may not have heard of this trading system before. Bitcoin Pro is a new trading software that utilises algorithms to complete research on trading and it is also able to complete trades by itself. These algorithms are said to have been coded with trading strategies from reputable cryptocurrency traders, with Bitcoin Pro’s founder claiming to have made his fortune using these trading strategies.

As it is an automated platform, the tool describes that it uses the assistance of AI to analyse the cryptocurrency market, study the business, and execute concurrent orders. Currently, this software is only available in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Features of Bitcoin Pro

  • Automated & Manual Trading – Although this is primarily an automated trading platform, Bitcoin Pro also allows you to trade manually which offers flexibility.
  • Uses Artificial Intelligence –The tool is said to use machine learning technology and AI to improve itself as it interacts with various data.
  • Incorporates Real-Time Data – Bitcoin Pro supposedly incorporates market news and uses AI to learn information in real-time. The information that has been gathered is said to be used to assist the trader with making trades.
  • Offers Both Bitcoin and Ethereum Trading – Bitcoin Pro is said to not only offer trading on Bitcoin, but also Ethereum.
  • Has a 99.4% Success Rate – This tool claims to have a very high success rate due to its advanced algorithm.
  • Dedicated Customer Support – Bitcoin Pro claims to have 24/7 dedicated customer support.

Is This Trading System Profitable?

While Bitcoin Pro claims that their members typically expect profit of a minimum of $1,756.44 (AUD) daily, their algorithm’s origin is unclear which means that it might not be authentic. There doesn’t appear to be much transparency with the profitability of the software so it can be risky.

They also claim that their software is free of charge for their members and to become a member, you just need to register an account with them. Bitcoin Pro claims that there are no hidden fees, which means no broker fees or commissions and 100% of the money earned from cryptocurrency trading is yours to keep.

Our Conclusion

Bitcoin Pro is a new trading platform that offers a lot for cryptocurrency traders, whether you’re a new or experienced trader. The automated side of things could make trading easier and it’s a benefit that many traders would look for. Whilst they do make a lot of positive claims, they are lacking transparency with these claims. They claim that you can make over $1,000 AUD per day using their software, depending on your investment, but they have not shown any viable proof of this.

If this platform makes promises that are too good to be true, then it might be likely that it’s an illegitimate platform. As with many cryptocurrency trading systems, there are always benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to research about these trading systems before investing in them, especially newer tools such as Bitcoin Pro.

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