How to Buy Crypto with Easy Crypto AU

By Crypto News Australia August 11, 2023

Easy Crypto was originally started in New Zealand, and now has expanded into Australia. They are one of the safest options as they do not hold your cryptocurrencies for you – they send it straight to your external wallet. You can buy 35+ different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. Easy Crypto Website

How to buy crypto direct to your external wallet

1. Go to the Easy Crypto Signup web page. You can click can sign in with Google (Gmail) or Facebook or Email address.

2. Then go to the Easy Crypto Place Order web page to place an new order. Click the coins you want to buy (ie Bitcoin and Litecoin) and enter the amount (in Australian dollars) you want, then click Buy Now.

3. Enter your external wallet blockchain addresses. If you’re not sure what this is, then read our How to setup a Crypto Wallet guide or simply download Exodus bitcoin walletIt’s important that your enter a valid BTC address there. In our example we are also buying Litecoin so we enter a valid LTC address. Once your wallet addresses are entered and double checked click “Confirm order”.


4. Select your payment method. In this example we will use POLI Pay because this is instant (unlike bank deposit which takes more time to process). You can read more on the POLI Pay website. Click “Select” on the POLI Pay method.

Once your POLI payment has been completed you should see this Transaction receipt screen.

And then you’re redirected back to the Easy Crypto website.

You can check the progress of your order on the Easy Crypto Orders web page. As you can see from our example below, the purchase of our Bitcoin and Litecoin have TXID links which we can click on to check the blockchain transaction details.

That’s it, pretty easy eh! Be sure to also check out the other Easy Crypto features such as Automatic buy orders and Crypto Swap.

For detailed guide on how to buy crypto in Australia, click the link.


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