Crypto Institutional Purchases List 2021

By Crypto News Australia August 10, 2023

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In this article we’ll keep track of all the recent Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency purchases being made by institutions, big companies and large investors.

Last updated: 01/01/2022

22/01/2022El Salvador$15 Million
29/12/2021El Salvador$1 Million
29/11/2021MicroStrategy$414 Million
27/11/2021El Salvador$6 Million
28/10/2021El Salvador$24 Million
07/10/2021*Unknown$1.6 Billion*
21/09/2021*Sky Bridge$700 Million*
21/09/2021El Salvador$10 Million*
14/09/2021MicroStrategy$240 Million
08 Sep 2021Unknown$24 Million
08 Sep 2021El Salvador$7 Million*
07 Sep 2021El Salvador$10 Million*
24 Aug 2021MicroStrategy$177 Million*
28 Jul 2021Genesis Digital Assets$125 Million
25 Jun 2021*Ricardo Salinas$1.5 Billion*
22 Jun 2021MicroStrategy$489 Million
14 Jun 2021MicroStrategy$500 Million
26 May 2021*ARK Invest$20 Million*
20 May 2021Justin Sun$135 Million
20 May 2021Justin Sun$150 Million
18 May 2021MicroStrategy$10 Million
13 May 2021MicroStrategy$15 Million
07 May 2021*MercadoLibre$7.8 Million*
28 Apr 2021Nexon$100 Million
8 Apr 2021*Meitu$100 Million*
5 Apr 2021MicroStrategy$15 Million
18 Mar 2021Meitu$49 Million
12 Mar 2021*Purpose Bitcoin ETF AUM$900 Million*
12 Mar 2021MicroStrategy$15 Million
8 Mar 2021*Aker ASA$58 Million*
7 Mar 2021Meitu$40 Million
5 Mar 2021MicroStrategy$10 Million
24 Feb 2021MicroStrategy$1 Billion
23 Feb 2021Square$170 Million
23 Feb 2021Bitwise 10 Crypto Index Fund$1 Billion
17 Feb 2021 *The Motley Fool$5 Million
8 Feb 2021Tesla$1.5 Billion
Jan 2021 *GreyScale$1+ Billion*
10 Dec 2020MassMutual$100 Million
1 Oct 2020Square$50 Million
Jun 2020 *Galaxy Digital Holdings$150 Million
Jan 2020 *Ruffer Investment Company$745 Million
2020 *Skybridge Capital$310 Million *
2020 *GrennPro Capital$100 Million

* approximate dates and amounts

Who’s next?

2021*Ray DalioTBD
2021NYDIG$300 Million *
2021 *SynBiotic SETBA
2021 *Canadian ETFTBA
2021 *BlackRockTBA
2021 *PaypalTBA
2021 *MetLifeTBA

* approximate dates and amounts


Obviously, it is tough to keep a record of all the investments made recently as they are flooding in. If you spot a recent one we haven’t added please let us know on the Twitter thread.


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