Top 10 Crypto Tax Accountants in Australia

By Crypto News Australia August 20, 2023

After having a lot of requests and questions about tax we’ve collated what we think are the best cryptocurrency tax accountants in Australia. Regular Tax can be confusing for most people, but Crypto tax is a whole new ball game, let the experts ease your pain. Get your advice from them as they know what they are doing.

1. Goodwill Charted Accountants

Goodwill Charted Accountants is your everyday crypto tax partner. This institution was founded in Brisbane to provide services to individuals and create more business opportunities using smart and strategic financial management and resources. The expert mind behind it is Thomas Cane, founder, and CEO of GoodwillCA. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant with more than 8 years of experience in handling small businesses and helping individuals to improve their life through finance. He is a passionate man who loves to help people and from that 1 goal, he established the GoodwillCA institution.

What this institute does is, it allows individuals to properly transition into the business. It provides assistance to increase the profit gain opportunity and efficiency. Most people don’t have a firm understanding of the business. This lack of knowledge lays the stories of unsuccessful businessmen. GoodwillCA has decided to educate people to help them reform their views and understand the core of a business. This opens the path of achieving your financial goals. The institution works mainly as a free advisor or non-profit business advisor. As well as, GoodwillCA will help you pay your taxes and tax returns for most types of cryptocurrencies provided. After all, it is one of the most trusted platforms in the heart of Australia.

2. WealthSafe

WealthSafe is your fail-safe tax management institute operated in Australia since 2010. Its founder Warren is a successful Chartered Accountant with more than 30 years of experiencein tax and wealth protection, with 10 years at the ATO including time as an auditor and foundations and structuring special. Most people build their businesses from scratch and after reaching a certain high platform, they have to maintain a good amount of taxes on their business. But the true fact is, there is a ton of miscalculations and fallacies in those tax reports. So, they had to pay more than the exact number. This is indeed a matter of inspection.


While the case is this severe, Warren had thought of creating an online platform that would handle these tax affairs. Through legal actions and abiding by state law, WealthSafe offers a 100% legal way of minimizing your taxes up to a certain amount and saves those coins for you. According to an annual report, the company has saved over $55M of tax money in one year. This is a huge success! Waren was reported as a top influential character in Australia as well as a well-known speaker, both Australia wide and internationally, and has shared the stage with Richard Branson and Arnold Schwarzenegger. That’s why no matter how many Bitcoins you have in your pocket, you never need to worry about taxes anymore with WealthSafe.

3. Tax On Chain

Tax On Chain distinguishes itself from other accounting firms with their passionate team of dedicated specialist crypto accountants, all deeply invested in the cryptocurrency and Web3 spaces. With their extensive knowledge of all crypto activity, they offer tailored tax, accounting and CFO solutions for clients that are involved in all aspects of crypto – DAOs, DeFi, NFTs, and all things in between. They have also established themselves as one of Australia’s leading crypto SMSF providers. Contact them for a no obligation personalised quote for your crypto tax, accounting or SMSF requirements.

4. KovaTax

KovaTax is a multi-functional institution that invests in cryptocurrencies as well as handles taxes for individual benefits. The company is a high-tech platform that handles Firm accounting responsibilities on behalf of its users. It aims to create a better economical standing by creating a better digital world for businesses, SMSFs, and investors in the fintech and cryptocurrency sectors. This platform was founded by experts who wanted to make cryptocurrencies a common way of trading and adjust the right amount of taxes globally. That’s why KovaTax works for the people towards a better future.

Often, people find trading in cryptos hard as it is not legalized in most of the continent. So, whenever a country tries to digest this currency system into its economy, many problems occur. One of them is an irregular amount of taxes. For certain individuals and retail investors, this tax problem becomes a burden. That’s why KovaTax comes with the best solutions to subdue these unprecedented heavy taxes on individuals and makes a perfect tax statement for each user. It is cost-effective, fast, and saves a good night’s sleep. Thanks to KovaTax, people in Australia can enjoy their crypto businesses happily.

5. FullStack

FullStack is a full cryptocurrency tax management institution. It is your most trusted tax handler you can ever find on the market. FullStack runs by experts who deal with tax preparations and updates in real-time. Aside from that, it also runs regular tax workshops and meetup group Crypto entrepreneurs. It is a crypto dedicated platform that supports each and every cryptocurrency available on the market. Associated with, FullStack made all crypto tax returns have a quick turnaround of under 2 weeks with 100% accurate information. The company was one of the few that started tax handling jobs for cryptos first. As a result, it has a highly trained crew to back it up in the heart of Australia. From miners to casual investors, all are served with the facilities provided by FullStack.

So, if you are facing troubles due to taxes regarding your crypto accounts, you don’t have to worry anymore. Your trusted tax partner FullStack will handle all the heavy burdens and you will enjoy a lot of saved cash with minimum taxes.

6. CryptoTax


CryptoTax was founded in 2017 as Australia’s first cryptocurrency based accounting and taxation advisory firm. This company was founded by experts in the crypto blockchain system, handling tax issues for individuals over a decade. Day by day, our economy is getting pumped up by extraordinarily rapid growth of cryptocurrencies. For the past few years, the blockchain network was still in the growing phase and didn’t mean much too common people. But right now this industry is having a golden shower, arousing new problems regarding account and currency management and tax handling. That’s why CryptoTax has made a movement to subdue the overflowing tax problems for individuals and minimizing total expenditure over taxes.

CryptoTax has a dedicated team lead by Andrew Bragg, a crypto professional and a technically astute practitioner who delivers quality outcomes to his clients. By working hand to hand with the clients, the company has been solving much-complicated tax issues. The CryptoTax website is made to establish a common understanding between users and the elites behind the table. That is the reason people love CryptoTax as one of their most trusted tax partners.

7. Cryptocurrency Accountants

Cryptocurrency Accountants or Munro’s Cryptocurrency Accountants is a seasoned 45 years old accounting firm that provides tax and business advisory in the state of Australia. It is unlike the unsolicited tax advisory institute you can find randomly. The experts behind this platform know the core of business and tax management more than anyone in the country. When the company took its first step in 1973, the goal was to provide a client base of rural and urban businesses with first-class taxation and accounting services. In that time, fiat currencies were the only thing available. After Bitcoin began to inflate the market back in 2008, this company started training its members to adapt to the crypto markets.

Now, Munro’s made a separate division to handle crypto-related tax and business consultancy services. This new platform has been active since 2012. Right now, Cryptocurrency Accountants has 30 highly capable staff on board. It delivers broad-based accounting, taxation, business, and wealth consulting services. People in Australia can lead a worry-free life due to the services this company provides with cryptocurrencies.

8. CryptoTaxAus

CryptoTaxAus is a proactive Cryptocurrency Taxation advisory platform in the heart of Australia. This is the perfect place for crypto investors and traders to solve their tax-related issues. The company has its Certified Practicing Accountants work closely with clients and finds the best solution to improve individuals’ personal circumstances. CryptoTaxAus was founded in 2017 with a goal to globalize cryptocurrencies. After a significant rise in the values of Bitcoin, people started to invest in cryptos more and more. In Australia, large scale crypto investments shook the economy quite a bit. So, the government tried to blend the crypto markets with fiat currencies by placing a tax on crypto transactions. That’s why people were in dire need to properly calculate their taxes and tax returns. This is where CryptoTaxAus moves in.

9. CryptoCate

CryptoCate is a well-trained cryptocurrency tax partner in Australia. Whether you are trading or investing in cryptos, whenever there is a transaction, you have to pay tax. To help you elevate extra load of paperwork, CryptoCate works 24/7 on behalf of you. This platform encourages individuals to properly manage their crypto wallet. A well-organized crypto transaction system will always produce accurate data for taxation. CryptoCate analyzes these data and perfectly outlines the exact figure you have to pay as taxes. So, there are zero risks involved where you would have to pay double or triple the amount before.

CryptCate helps your daily tradings and transactions as well as promotes SMSFs. It is a multi-functional platform with crypto buy/sell brokerage services. But the main advantage of having this company as your backup is, you will get daily updates on marketplaces and crypto prices. This helps you choose the perfect moment to make trades in bulk with low taxes. This is a pretty sweet deal.

10. MHPrivate

MHPrivate is a humorous tax accounting company for handling crypto-based taxes. This is a private company that is well-known for its interesting way of attracting people’s attention. Every day, you might be dealing with enough complications in your business life due to an unbalanced state of taxes. For your comfort, the company works alongside you and helps you pick the best cookie to pay your taxes. Not only that but it also lends you an ear to listen to all of your troubles and worries. So, even if you are making a hundred trades at a time, you don’t have to worry about taxes anymore.

One more thing about MHPrivate is, this company is a non-government involved facility. That means all the proceedings it takes for tax alleviation are man-to-man based. There’s no robot or automated algorithm involved. It’s totally handheld. So, you can be assured that your tax information is processed with the utmost care.


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