50+ Crypto Emoji & How To Use Them

By Crypto News Australia August 14, 2023

What Is Crypto Emoji?

Crypto Emoji is a digital collectable game based on blockchain technology that was created by Lucid Sight, a development company that focuses on the development of game application development with emerging technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and blockchain.

It’s essentially a blockchain game application with an economy built around emojis. Currently, the game is only supported on desktop devices with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, but mobile support is also coming.

How Do You Play?

Before you begin playing Crypto Emoji, there are a few items needed to set up the game. You will need the following items:

  • A computer with the desktop version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • The MetaMask plugin (a digital wallet for storing Ether to purchase emojis). This plugin is available on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
  • A digital Ether wallet.

In order to play the game, you will need to buy at least one Crypto Emoji from the marketplace and to buy these emojis, you will need the Cryptocurrency, Ether. For more information on how to buy this cryptocurrency, please read our guide on buying cryptocurrencies here.


The aim of the game is to collect your favourite emoji with ETH and then you can combine these emojis to form an ‘Emoji Story’. These can be claimed from other players and other players can claim your Emoji Story.

Each time you buy an emoji, claim an emoji, or have an emoji claimed from you by another player, you will receive a ‘crafting token’ based on the affected emoji. You can then use these crafting tokens to form unique Emoji Stories.

However, keep in mind that other players will be able to claim your emoji but only if they pay a higher amount of Ether than you originally paid for it.

How Can I Buy Crypto Emoji?

Once you have the basics set up, such as the digital wallets, you can then head to the emoji marketplace and explore all of the available emojis. You can even sort and filter these by the newest, oldest, most expensive, or the cheapest emojis.

To buy these emojis, you will need to send ETH from your digital wallet to the MetaMask wallet. You can then purchase the emojis from the marketplace using the MetaMask plugin.

You only need one emoji to play the game, but it is recommended to have at least two emojis to make an Emoji Story.

All Crypto Emojis will have a starting claim price of 0.001 ETH and this rate will double. After the claim price is higher than 0.05 ETH, the rate will decrease to 1.3x. Once the claim price reaches 0.5 ETH, the rate will decrease further to 1.15x.

What Are Emoji Stories?

An Emoji Story is the result of combining different single emojis together. When you combine emojis into a story, the Emoji Story will inherit the claim price values of the combined emojis. Once these have been combined, other players will be able to claim your emoji.

As mentioned above, crafting tokens will be received any time you claim an emoji or another player claims your emoji. These tokens are ERC-20 and they cannot be claimed from you. You can keep your crafting tokens for as long as you want or you can combine these into emoji stories.

With the Emoji Stories, only one combination can exist at any given time. If someone else has made the same combination before you, then the smart contracts won’t allow you to combine those emojis to create a story.

How Can I Sell Crypto Emoji?

If you would like to sell your Crypto Emojis, then it’s as simple as buying them. Go to your profile page and you will be able to see a list of all the emojis you own. Within the profile page, there is an option that enables you to sell any of the emojis you have.

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