20 Crazy Things You Can Now Buy With Bitcoin

By Crypto News Australia August 14, 2023

Since 2008, Bitcoin has come a very long way and it has become a money-making phenomenon over the recent years. Bitcoin was intended to be a currency and facilitate peer-to-peer transactions without intervention of any financial authorities, however, it has also opened up a method of investment and speculation.

Many people use Bitcoin as store of value where they will buy and hold their stash of Bitcoins hoping the price will go up. But, did you know that Bitcoin actually has value and you can buy stuff with it? More and more businesses have begun seeing the value of not just Bitcoin itself, but the technology behind it and they are finding new ways to adopt and integrate cryptocurrency into their businesses selling products and services. Here is a list of the craziest and coolest things you can buy with Bitcoin right now.


As long as you have accumulated enough Bitcoins in your digital wallet, you could actually spend your Bitcoins on a well-deserved holiday! Whether you fancy a holiday in Europe or further abroad, you can get it all through certain online travel retailers, such as CheapAir. Through these online travel retailers, you can buy flights and book hotels.

Space Flights

Truly a once in a lifetime opportunity, you can now take a flight to space by paying with Bitcoins. The popularity and applications of Bitcoin has caught the attention of Virgin Galactic and they are now offering customers a new payment method. Customers are now able to pay for a space flight with Bitcoin if they choose to.


Mammoth Tusks

If you’re stuck for interior decoration ideas, then how about a pair of adult mammoth tusks? These woolly mammoth tusks are real and they were being offered by a dealer in Vancouver. Weighing about 120 pounds each, these tusks are worth approximately $175,000. Of course, you can also pay in Bitcoins.


Pubs from all over the world have been early adopters of cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin. In 2013, Sydney’s Old Fitzroy Hotel was the very first pub in Australia to accept Bitcoin. Since then, the acceptance of Bitcoin has been widespread to not just pubs, but also to cafes, wineries, and even bakeries across the world.

Bubble Bars & Bath Bombs

Relax in a sea of bubbles and irresistible aroma by buying bath products with Bitcoin! You could use your Bitcoins to pay for bath products such as bath bombs, bubble bars, and more. The UK brand, Lush, is now accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment for their bath products.

Funeral Services

Although this is a little morbid, there is a niche offering that accepts Bitcoin as payment for funeral services. One of the funeral homes in the United States, Crescent Tide Cremation Services accepts Bitcoin for its funeral services and they even offer a 3% discount if you pay with Bitcoin.


Buying gold or other precious metals (such as Silver) with Bitcoin may sound bizarre, but it’s actually real and quite logical. You could trade an asset that is volatile for one that isn’t. JM Bullion is a precious metals company that offers a variety of gold, silver, copper and other metal products. They accept Bitcoin as a payment method for their goods.

Luxury Cars

If you have saved up enough Bitcoins, then you could live the millionaire lifestyle yourself and buy a luxury car with your Bitcoins. There have been numerous stories circulating around about Bitcoin millionaires buying cars with their cryptocurrency. There is an increasing amount of luxury car dealers that are accepting payment in Bitcoin.

A Luxury Apartment in Dubai

If you’re looking for a change of scenery and want to live somewhere exotic and unique, then check out a luxury apartment in Dubai! The Aston Plaza and Residences company have various properties and they are accepting payment in Bitcoin for their studio apartments or one/two-bedroom flats.

Gentlemen’s Club Membership

Bitcoin has grown so big in popularity, that there is a ‘gentlemen’s club’ in Los Angeles that accepts payment in cryptocurrencies. At Legends Room, you can pay for everything with cryptocurrency, whether it’s the drinks or a private dance. This club even has its own Bitcoin ATM.

Tuition Fees

Not only are businesses getting involved with cryptocurrency, but the educational sector has also shown an interest in these digital currencies. Universities and colleges have begun accepting payment in Bitcoin from students to pay for their tuition fees. The first university to accept payment for tuition fees in Bitcoin was The University of Nicosia in Cyprus.

Donating to Charity

If you have some spare Bitcoins lying around, then you can donate your Bitcoins to charity! There are various charities across the world that have begun accepting Bitcoin as a form of donation. Autism Speaks is a charity that has embraced cryptocurrency as a method for funding and any Bitcoins donated will go to a good cause.


If Bitcoin was able to make its way to luxury watch vendors, then it too can make its way to other luxury goods vendors. Reeds Jewelers is an American jeweller that have a national online presence. All of their locations accept the use of Bitcoin for payment. Whether it’s fine jewellery or loose diamonds, you could get it all with Bitcoin here.

Real Estate

Bitcoin can be very useful for high-ticket items such as a property. There are buyers that want to pay for a property with Bitcoin so there is demand for this. As a result, there have been various real estate owners that allow buyers to pay in Bitcoin. If you have adequate Bitcoins, then you could net yourself a new property.

General Goods

Although this isn’t quite as cool or extravagant as some of the other items on this list, you can in fact buy general goods with Bitcoin. From furniture and home décor, to kitchen appliances and accessories, there are various online retailers that allow users to pay in Bitcoin. Online retailers such as Overstock, have partnered with the popular crypto wallet, Coinbase.

Gift Cards

Gift cards aren’t only useful just as gifts, but they can also be very handy for spending your Bitcoin. There are various online websites, such as Gyft, that allow you to purchase gift cards for various retailers that do not officially accept Bitcoin yet. By exchanging your Bitcoin for gift cards, you can buy mostly anything you want from your favourite retailers. You may even want to buy Amazon gift cards which means that you are able to buy anything from the Amazon store.

A Retirement Plan

Over the years, there have been a growing number of people, particularly the millennials, that are looking for ways to incorporate cryptocurrency into their retirement plans. Although regulations may vary from country to country, there are a few services that have emerged to cater to this particular demand. For example, Bitcoin IRA provides a fully compliant service.

Citizenship in Vanuatu

A very unusual but legal way to spend Bitcoin is to buy citizenship in Vanuatu. You may have never even heard of the country, Vanuatu. This country in the South Pacific Ocean is made up of approximately 80 islands and is home to roughly 270,000 people. For the price of $200,000, or around 28 Bitcoins at its current value, you can buy citizenship here.


The first ever real-world transaction made with Bitcoin was recorded on 22nd May 2010. Laszlo Hanyecz bought two pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoins. To this day, you can still buy Pizza with Bitcoins. PizzaForCoins allows you to place orders for various pizza chains through their website and you can pay for the pizzas with Bitcoin.

Luxury Watches

If you feel like spending big on luxury goods such as watches, then look no further. Bitcoin has made its way to the luxury goods market and many online retailers are now accepting Bitcoin for their luxury watches. BitWatches is an online retailer that enables customers to pay for luxury watches with their Bitcoins.


That was our list of things you can buy with Bitcoin right now and these were only a handful of things that are available for Bitcoin. Over time, more and more businesses may begin adopting Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a form of payment. As business adoption grows, we may see Bitcoin becoming more widespread as a currency.


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