10 Popular Crypto Mining Calculators

By Crypto News Australia August 14, 2023

For those that are looking into cryptocurrency mining or have been mining cryptocurrencies, you may have come across mining calculators. Cryptocurrency mining calculators can provide an approximation on how profitable it would be to mine your selected currency based on the given hardware and a few other external factors.

Two key factors are involved in the algorithm that calculates profitability, the block time and the price on the exchanges. – Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mining_pool#Multipool_mining

There is a wide range of mining calculators available and they all provide different features, so it can be difficult to choose one to use. In this article, we have listed our top cryptocurrency mining calculators that you should consider using and we will be explaining the benefits of each.

1. Crypto Compare Mining Calculator

Crypto Compare is a global data provider that focuses on the cryptocurrency market and they also provide a range of useful tools for cryptocurrency mining. Crypto Compare has a reliable crypto mining calculator for a variety of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many others. The Crypto Compare Bitcoin mining calculator is simple to use and accurate – you only need to enter hashing power, electric costs,power consumption, the mining pool fee and the calculator will take care of the rest.


Crypto Compare’s mining calculator supplies first-time users with information on how to use their calculator within-depth explanations. It’s a very intuitive and simple mining calculator that is suitable for beginners to use, even if you are not familiar with crypto mining calculators.

Benefits of Crypto Compare

  • Multiple functions available to receive accurate results.
  • Different cryptocurrencies such as ETH, LTC, XMR, ZEC and ETC
  • Allows you to see profit results per month and per day

2. Buy Bitcoin Worldwide Mining Calculator

This Bitcoin calculator is one of the best in the world as there are many features available for achieving accurate results. Bitcoin can be extremely competitive, so this bitcoin mining calculator can allow you to predict and mine profitably,

This platform also provides valuable information on how to buy bitcoin using bank transfers or credit/debit card.

Benefits of Buy Bitcoin Worldwide

  • Easy to understand calculator
  • Beginner-friendly and offers a guide on how to buy cryptocurrency.
  • Detailed results available for the user

3. WhatToMine

WhatToMine is a Bitcoin calculator that offers similar features to profit calculators. This bitcoin calculator performs different mining calculations depending on if you are using GPU or ASIC equipment and you can also choose the hardware manufacturers and exchanges to be included in the results.

WhatToMine is an excellent platform for understanding how to use a Bitcoin calculator if you are a beginner. Below we have listed a few benefits of WhatToMine and why you should consider using this Crypto mining calculator.

Benefits of WhatToMine

  • A helpful platform for both GPU and ASIC miners.
  • Provides information about current exchange rates
  • Performing different mining calculations are available

4. J Blevins Mining Calculator

Through predicting prices and potential business dynamics, this calculator forecasts the potential gains from Bitcoin mining. The methodology behind this mining calculator is that is calculates the potential future revenue from mining through predicting difficulty changes at regular intervals. It also expects the difficulty to increase at a fixed percentage over the previous difficulty. The calculator also accounts for the adjustments in the reward for solving blocks over the time horizon.

This is considered to be an advanced mining calculator that provides highly accurate data given the input of information is accurate.

Benefits of Jblevins

  • Provides valuable information for new users to understand their platform.
  • Presents interactive charts for predicting revenue, cost, and profit.
  • Detailed analysis and results.

5. Bitcoin Wisdom

Bitcoin Wisdom is a simple Bitcoin calculator that features a range of customisation parameters. These can be modified to your requirements and there are also difficulty increments. Additional features are available such as setting the exchange rate and block reward.

On the right-hand side of your screen, hardware options are accessible so that you can see how your profit changes based on which type of mining equipment you are using.

Benefits of Bitcoin Wisdom

  • Bitcoin Wisdom offers Litecoin mining calculator
  • Simple to understand and provides detailed results
  • More than one function available

6. NiceHash

Founded in 2014, NiceHash is one of the leading cryptocurrency platforms for mining and trading. With over 600,000 active daily workers using their mining software, they also feature a very useful cryptocurrency mining calculator. Using historic data, their mining calculator is very simple to use with a few options for you to toggle and choose from.

Benefits of NiceHash

  • Offers a very easy-to-use profitability calculator.
  • Can calculate with almost all FIAT currencies.
  • Has a comparison tool which enables you to calculate which hardware would be more profitable.

7. BTC.com

BTC.com is a well-known Bitcoin mining pool that offers a stable architecture and a user-friendly experience for Bitcoin miners. This calculator provides a variety of fields which you can fill out to increase the accuracy of your calculation, such as starting difficulty, difficulty increase, and profit ratio. If you’re already familiar with these terms and know what you’re looking for, then the BTC.com calculator might be suitable for you.

Benefits of BTC.com

  • Shows detailed analysis and calculations of the estimated mining profit.
  • Enables advanced users to get more accurate results depending on input information.
  • They also offer a mini calculator for those that are new to Bitcoin mining calculators.

8. Minerstat

Minerstat is another popular mining software for Windows, Linux, and ASIC miners. Similar to NiceHash, Minerstat provides an easy-to-use mining calculator in addition to their mining software. This is a very beginner-friendly tool as they also provide a wide range of guides and instructions on how you can use their calculator and how you can learn more about Bitcoin mining. They even have an FAQ section where they answer the most commonly asked questions about Bitcoin mining and the technicalities behind it.

Benefits of Minerstat

  • Offers a simple mining calculator that can calculate witha wide range of FIAT currencies.
  • Provides the ability to compare coins with different multi-algorithm pools, such as NiceHash.
  • They also have a benchmarking tool that enables you to compare benchmarks for all algorithms that are applicable to your worker.

9. CoinSmart

CoinSmart is a cryptocurrency exchange that also provides a wide range of relevant tools for trading, learning, and support. One of their tools is a cryptocurrency mining calculator. With a user-friendly interface and an in-depth guide on how to use the tool, it’s a very beginner-friendly calculator that also offers details if needed. They also provide recommended mining hardware if you are looking to buy mining equipment.

Benefits of CoinSmart

  • Provides a very detailed guide and introduction into Bitcoin mining.
  • Enables you to view calculations for a specific time period, such as how profitable mining would be in a month or a year.
  • The tool offers a variety of fields for you to fill out if you know what you are looking for which may provide refined results.

10. Alcula

Alcula is a basic Bitcoin mining calculator that requires minimal input and uses recent data for calculations to get accurate results. The website also shows detailed instructions on how to use this calculator as well as definitions of what words mean. For beginners in particular, Alcula might be a useful tool for working out how profitable mining could be.

 Benefits of Alcula

  • A beginner-friendly mining calculator with detailed instructions and definitions of keywords.
  • Enables you to add multiple workers if you are going to be mining with multiple Bitcoin miners or GPUs.
  • You have the option of setting the difficulty level or you can use the current difficulty level.

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