ERN Token Surges 45% Amid Launch of Messi Football NFT Collection

August 06, 2021, 9:30 AM AEST - 4 months ago

Lionel Messi, arguably the world’s greatest footballer, if not of all time, is entering the world of NFTs according to a recent announcement via Instagram. An NFT collection dubbed “The Messiverse” will be available from 21:00 UTC August 20 on blockchain platform Ethernity Chain (ERN).

ERN Skyrockets on the News

Following the announcement, the native token of Ethernity Chain climbed over 45 percent within 24 hours.

Ethernity Chain is not unfamiliar with such dramatic price surges. The token was worth US$74 back in March 2021, however at the time of publication was around US$11, a significant margin off its 2021 high.

What’s Included?

Ethernity Chain has previously dabbled with football NFTs, dropping a collection last month to celebrate Argentina’s Copa America victory over Brazil. Naturally, captain Lionel Messi was one of the featured collectibles available for auction.

“The Messiverse” consists of four artworks – three by Australian artist Bosslogic, and one by an artist known only as Impossible Brief.

Source: Ethernity Twitter profile

The NFTs included are:

  • “Man From the Future” by Bosslogic
  • “Worth the Weight” by Bosslogic
  • “The King Piece” by Bosslogic
  • Untitled by Impossible Brief

At this stage, little is known of the specific details of each piece, except that they are likely to have a futuristic tone. No doubt football fanatics around the globe will be the first to sign up and be notified of the NFT drop.

NFTs and Sports – Here to Stay?

NFTs are becoming increasingly interwoven with sports, as reported earlier this year by Crypto News Australia. From the NBA to the NFL to cricket, all manner of sporting codes are getting in on the act. Will this trend continue or are we in a NFT bubble about to burst? Time will tell.

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