Bitcoin SV Introduced As An Option On 4 More Online Platforms

Tuesday 15 September 2020, 12:00 PM AEST - 1 week ago

The ability to buy and trade Bitcoin SV (BSV) has been enabled on 4 more platforms whose target markets are the UK and Australia.

The platforms who have just gone live with a BSV offering are – and it’s UK counterpart –, and

A Blast From The Past

Bitcoin SV – a cryptocurrency that claims to be the only version of Bitcoin that still follows Satoshi’s original vision for a crypto world – is seeking to expand its market and hopefully attract new investors as well as older investors who have had skin in the game for years and remember the days when a pizza was bought for a few thousand bitcoins.

The Bitcoin Association’s Founding President, Jimmy Nguyen, has a positive view of the move by these 4 trading platforms and hopes that this is only the beginning of widespread Bitcoin SV adoption.

“These retail sites help bring digital currencies to the mainstream by making it easy for everyday users to buy BSV.   They also forge new links between the traditional financial system and the digital asset ecosystem.  We look forward to more growth of Bitcoin SV’s ecosystem across the world.”

Coinloft offers a variety of cryptocurrencies for sale on their website that can be paid for through a multitude of payment methods. Aside from the usual online payments done via credit or debit card, you can even buy cryptocurrency on the Coinloft platform from your local post office.

Buyabitcoin is a fintech company based in Melbourne that also allows payment at your local retailer. Like Coinloft, Buyabitcoin also offers its services at Australian Post Offices – and at certain newsstands too.

Whether Bitcoin SV will take off in the current competitive market for cryptocurrencies in Australia is yet to be seen. Between market cornerstones like Ethereum and Bitcoin and new innovative currencies like Qoin, Bitcoin SV may have a hard time establishing itself on the crypto market.