Australians Can Now Become Blockchain Consultants Through TAFE Queensland

Thursday 21 January 2021, 2:00 PM AEST - 1 month ago

The demand for skilled and qualified personnel in the Blockchain space grew exponentially in Australia in recent months. Now Blockchain Collective, an educational body for blockchain learning, plans to meet those demands by partnering with TAFE Queensland — one of the largest course and training providers with 50 locations across Australia.

TAFE Queensland will now provide Queensland students, including Brisbane and Gold Coast with an official advanced diploma in Applied Blockchain. The state will become the first in Australia to provide Aussies with training in the blockchain sector.

Featured on Nine News recently, Nathan Burns, Co-founder at Blockchain Collective, together with Richard Barret, TAFE QLD Director of Faculty, both spoke about the necessity of bringing qualified professionals into the innovative blockchain sector, with a potential skills shortage leading into the anticipated blockchain boom in Australia.

It’s a big opportunity for us and it also allows a lot more people to see and get involved in the blockchain space.

Nathan Burns, Co-founder at Blockchain Collective on Nine News

The Blockchain Courses

Students can become Blockchain Consultants through accredited courses consisting of up to 10 modules, exploring complex areas like preparing organisations to operate on the network and avoid cyber-crimes, and applying and anaylising blockchain frameworks for businesses.

The courses will focus heavily on tech application and strategy rather than blockchain coding. Students will receive all the essential skills to implement blockchain business models and frameworks.

The Jobs of the Future

The courses will be essential for Australians seeking to explore blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. And as the general awareness of digital assets arises, so does the growing interest to get involved in this exciting new space.

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