Australian Blockchain Startup Wins Australia’s Biggest Design Award

Wednesday 09 September 2020, 7:00 AM AEST - 2 weeks ago

The results of Australia’s Peak most prestigious international design award — the Good Design Award — have been announced, with Aussie blockchain startup Beefledger taking home the Good Design 2020 Award in two categories. 

BeefLedger is primarily focused on streamlining transactions in the beef supply chain industry, offering blockchain-based solutions that track Aussie beef throughout the international supply chain. The platform won recognition in Good Design’s Commercial Services category for the award, with Good Design noting the “outstanding design” and innovation offered by BeefLedger.

The BeefLedger platform primarily focuses on reducing the $40 billion dollars in fraud that occurs annually within the Australian food supply chain, using blockchain-enabled beef provenance tracking and a blockchain-powered credentialing platform in order to minimize fraud and falsely labeled products.

BeefLedger Gets Aussie Farmers Paid Faster

Notably, BeefLedger incorporates smart contracts into an international cross-border payments platform that streamlines the international export and payment within the Australian beef industry, minimizing administrative friction and helping Aussie farmers get paid faster.

Judges presiding over the 2020 Good Design Awards highlighted BeefLedger’s innovative approach, focusing on the platform’s forward-leaning incorporation of decentralized solutions:

“A strong design combining mature approaches with newly developed blockchain technologies for an elegantly simple result. It’s a great example that demonstrates the intersection of data and design.”

By integrating blockchain technology into the Australian beef export supply chain, BeefLEdger embeds authentic regional data into the packaging and credentials provided to consumers that purchase Aussie beef in China, connecting multiple stakeholders in the supply chain for mutual benefit.