Aussie Mangos Will Benefit From Blockchain

Tuesday 27 October 2020, 7:00 AM AEST - 1 month ago

The Smart Supply Chain pilot project – created and operated by the Cooperative Research Centre for Developing Northern Australia (CRCNA) and blockchain firm Trust Provenance (T-Prov) – has teamed up with mango producer Manbulloo and industry group Growcom.

Multiple Blockchain Solutions For Agriculture

In the wake of similar projects targeting beef, the Australian government – as well as private companies in the agricultural sector have been looking into blockchain supply chain solutions.

Although last month saw Entrust – a supply chain solution run on Hedera Hashgraph – take measures to prevent the recurring loss of AUD 1.7 billion every year, competition is the root of innovation, which is why any rival solutions should be given a chance to prove their worth.

Manbulloo’s Quality Manager – aptly named Scott Ledger – stated that the integration of all details pertaining to quality, provenance, and transit would help do away with inefficient measures.

“In the past, each chain partner used their own system to identify and trace product, which resulted in duplication and extra costs. We are implementing the GS1 Australia standard for product ID and traceability so the members of our supply chain can use the same product ID system. This will not only save time and costs but also reduce human errors and wastage. “

He also added that the COVID-19 pandemic had raised the demand for information on where a product comes from and how it was grown or fabricated, making the use of blockchain all the more important for customers.

Jed Matz – the CEO of the CRCNA – also stated that the project had gone better than expected. He also mentioned that the research centre will be holding several webinars discussing the way the pilot project was carried out, and what the agricultural industry can expect from blockchain innovation.

If you’d like to join one of the webinars yourself you can apply here.

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