ASM Brains Debuts a New Type of NFT with Artificial Intelligence

January 08, 2022, 10:00 AM AEST - 1 week ago

Who knew there were non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that could think for themselves?

Altered State Machine (ASM) is a platform to build, train and trade artificial intelligence (AI) “agents” using NFTs, introducing what it calls a new generation of gaming and finance in which AI bots compete and interact with each other.

NFTs With a Brain

Each agent has its own genome – effectively, its DNA. Depending on the agent’s environment, its base values are expressed in terms of strength, speed and size (in gaming) or risk tolerance and randomness (in finance). Think of it as an inboard brain.

Form, on the other hand, is what enables an agent to operate in its physical world. Owners can bring in their existing NFT art or model from another part of the metaverse, or create entirely new forms.

The third facet of agent training relates to its memories. These are specific to the agent’s genome and the world in which they were formed. Each agent can retain multiple memories, created in different worlds.

An ASM Brain NFT. Source: OpenSea

Worlds are applications that exist anywhere in the metaverse using the ASM platform. They may take the form of financial markets or sports fields, combat zones or beach bars. As new worlds grow, new forms and memories are created to explore them.

ASM NFTs are fully compatible with major platforms such as OpenSea and owners can trade their agents on the open market with players who want a head start.

AI Brings New Meaning to Football Headers

ASM Brains has a a decentralised play-to-earn gaming application called AIFA (Artificial Intelligence Football Association) Allstars, unique metaverse-ready footballers to collect and configure.

AIFA All-Stars. Source: ASM Brains

Players can build a team of Allstars, pair them with ASM Brains and train them to compete in the world’s most popular football code.

Players open an AIFA box to discover the Allstars and ASM Brain inside. The ASM Brain NFT can be loaded into any Allstar and trained to play AIFA. Owners can change the colour, body parts or accessories of characters and mint them as new NFTs to create a customised four-player AIFA team.

Holding $ASTO tokens will entitle players to vote in the DAO on the future direction of ASM.

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