5 Interesting Solana NFT Projects Launching Soon

December 18, 2021, 10:15 AM AEST - 4 weeks ago

Earlier in the week, Crypto News Australia published a guide on the five most interesting NFT projects launching on the Cardano blockchain this month. Follow this article for the low down on the five most interesting projects set for launch on the Solana (SOL) blockchain this month.


SolGame allows NFTs to be traded new or on the secondhand market.

SolGame, a win-to-earn platform and Squid Game crypto fan project, is powered by a collection of 3,333 unique NFTs. Players can collect HD NFTs and generate passive income by holding specific NFTs. The project includes ultra-rare, animated drops, and cross-platform gaming. The concept allows users to mint new or trade SolGame NFTs on the secondhand market to make up their team, and participate in the daily competition for a chance to win.

Aurory Project

Encounter NPCs and Nefties in the Aurory game universe.

Aurory ($AURY) is a P2E (play-to-earn) desktop game in which players are invited to explore a rich and diverse universe. Players can travel across two different areas and biomes, called “Antik” and “Cryptos”, where they will meet an array of “NPCs” and “Nefties”, magical creatures which can be caught or traded. $AURY token can be earned via PvE and PvP game modes and through staking, while also tradable through a traditional DEX on Aurory’s in-game marketplace.


StarLaunch is the first insured IDO launchpad and incubator for SOL projects.

StarLaunch, an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) launchpad for the SOL blockchain, is set for imminent launch. The project is an incubator for blockchain projects built atop SOL, which aims to connect projects with a community of backers. StarLaunch is the first insured IDO launchpad and incubator for SOL projects, with a stated goal of connecting its “community of backers with trusted and thoroughly vetted Solana blockchain projects”.


Customisable SolCaps.

SolCaps is a collection of 1,616 unique and randomly created NFTs and as a project aims to gather different users from different blockchains through fashion, specifically caps with crypto designs. The project is adamant that the community making it possible must have a voice and a vote on the future of SolCaps. This means that the project will donate to NGOs and the community will decide the best cause to help.

The SolCaps NFTs will be available for minting at a price determined through a vote by the community via the project’s Discord. Each item has a unique design based on different cryptocurrencies and will be available for users to use for a profile picture on Twitter or Discord, for example.

Dessert Girls

Aime, one of the Dessert Girls available for purchase.

Consisting of 2,222 algorithmically generated NFTs, Dessert Girls is a first-generation collection with a future breeding feature that will live in the Sweet Metaverse. Owning a Dessert Girl NFT will be the starting point, with players able to buy a Dessert Boy to make a couple. Each NFT will have visible physical traits but also character traits. After minting, the project will add ‘trait-extras’, allowing for customisation on the second market.

The Sweet Metaverse will make use of $SWEET coin, which will hold utility in the metaverse as a currency. The coin will be distributed to Dessert Girls holders at the start of 2022.

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