Zipmex’s ‘ZLaunch’ Token Reward Program Hits New Record with 2.5 Million ZMT Staked

December 23, 2021, 11:00 AM AEST - 6 months ago

The ZLaunch token reward program offered by Zipmex has hit a new record with Alkemi Network DAO token (ALK). The ALK token project pool was fully participated within two hours of its launch, with 2.5 million ZMT subscribed.

ZLaunch is the first token reward program in Thailand and Indonesia from a regulated digital assets platform, the program enabling users across Australia and the Asia-Pacific (APAC) to stake, or as Zipmex calls it, “lock” Zipmex Token (ZMT) to receive token rewards from participating in ZLaunch token project pools.

Zipmex users can stake their ZMT and receive hourly ALK token rewards over a flexible interval during a 30-day earning period, with the ALK token expected to be subsequently listed on the Zipmex Exchange.

Alkemi Network is bridging CeFi to DeFi with an institution-grade liquidity network for financial institutions and individuals to access professional DeFi and earn yields on their Ethereum-based digital assets. The flagship protocol, Alkemi Earn (Earn), facilitates borrowing and lending within a compliant environment via a primary permissioned liquidity pool of digital assets (ETH, wBTC and stablecoins). Earn also offers access to a secondary, permissionless liquidity pool of digital assets as part of Alkemi Network’s mission to enable everyone to join the decentralised financial ecosystem.

“It was great to see such a rapid uptake of the Alkemi Network token in the ZLaunch pool – fully subscribed within two hours! We are excited to welcome the Zipmex community to our institutional DeFi ecosystem,” said Ben Cooper, Alkemi’s co-founder and chief experience officer. “Please join us on Discord to find out more about participating within the Alkemi Network DAO.

“Zipmex is excited to bring high-potential crypto projects to South-East Asia and beyond,” said Kelvin Lam, managing director of Zipmex. “With ZLaunch, we are able to distribute the project’s crypto assets to a wide user base, and help our partners educate these users about their underpinning transformative use cases. Zipmex’s vision is to be the leading one-stop-shop solution for crypto projects entering the South-East Asian markets, where we support the progress of new token projects through our strong marketing, distribution network and listing support.”

Zipmex works closely with token projects like Alkemi Network to boost its visibility and capture the APAC market. Are you a high-potential token project interested in tapping into the millions of potential users in APAC? Zipmex is looking for innovative project teams to launch with.

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About Zipmex

Zipmex is Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing digital assets platform with a focus on providing retail and institutional investors with the tools and convenience to trade digital assets securely. The company’s Digital Assets Exchange License has been issued by the Ministry of Finance of Thailand where it is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The company also has a presence in Singapore, Australia and Indonesia.

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