Aussie Crypto Company Zipmex Releases ZLaunch and Announces Yieldly

October 28, 2021, 3:00 PM AEST - 1 month ago

ZLaunch: A Token Reward Program for Zipmex Users and Launchpad for Token Creators.

Zipmex, Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing digital assets platform, is bringing further innovations to the crypto space with the release of ZLaunch – a platform that allows Zipmex users to stake the platform’s native token, Zipmex Token (ZMT), and in return, receive token rewards from participating ZLaunch token projects.

The first token project on ZLaunch is Sydney-based company Yieldly (YLDY), the world’s first and largest DeFi (decentralised finance) protocol built on the Algorand blockchain. Yieldly currently features 3 innovative products on Algorand: No-Loss Prize Games (ALGO and NFT rewards), Multi-asset Staking Pools, and Cross-chain Bridges.

ZLaunch connects Zipmex users to new token projects where they can receive new tokens as a reward for “staking” ZMT, or as Zipmex calls it – “locking” ZMT. While ZLaunch offers users the opportunity to receive token rewards over a flexible period of time, the platform also aims to further develop the digital asset ecosystem across APAC by boosting the visibility of participating projects and helping them acquire a large initial user base in the region.

ZLaunch is a platform that will reward participants in this program and provide the opportunity to use ZMT to receive new tokens. In addition, ZLaunch enables token projects to gain exposure and grow their initial user base. We look forward to working closely with projects to help market their project and to support the progress of their token through ZLaunch

Marcus Lim, CEO and Co-Founder, Zipmex

This new product launch marks a key milestone on the ZMT Roadmap and makes Zipmex one of the first regulated digital assets platforms in Australia and Southeast Asia to launch such an innovative token reward program.

About Zipmex

Zipmex is one of Asia-Pacific’s fastest-growing digital asset platforms and enables anyone with an internet connection to invest in a growing number of digital assets with its easy, safe, and secure platform.

Zipmex offers innovative, industry-leading products to nearly 1 million clients with over US$4 billion traded to date. Its mission is to give the next billion users access to new ways of building wealth. To enable its clients to do this, Zipmex continuously launches market-leading products such as ZipLock and ZipUp in addition to its crypto trading platform.

Zipmex targets clients and investors and constantly expands its network of individual, retail, and institutional clients and partners. By educating and exciting people about the possibilities of building digital wealth, Zipmex is well-positioned to lead the crypto boom for the next generation of digital wealth builders.

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