What does the future of the trading industry look like?

November 14, 2019, 6:10 PM AEST - 2 years ago

The trading industry sure has gone through some sea changes in the last few years, especially thanks to the arrival of the internet. The perception of traders being real-life people in suits in major financial centres such as Sydney or Singapore might still have some truth to it, but on the whole the profile of traders has substantially changed. Now, almost anybody can become a trader thanks to a suite of online tools available from all kinds of providers. The most exciting question, however, looks set to be how the trading industry is going to change in the coming years. This article will explore the answers to that question.

Improved online services

Online services are likely to get better and better as time goes on. With each new release of the prominent trading platform MetaTrader, for example, a range of additional functions is provided and the number of available technical indicators expands. And with many brokers now offering enhanced educational offers and handy resources, including seminars and forex news, the trend in favour of providing traders with as much material as possible to make their decisions is increasing.


The term “robotrading” refers to the practice of leaving it up to robots to plan and execute trades on the trader’s behalf. This sort of practice is, to be fair, already in existence, and it’s common for firms to offer it. With trading platforms investing heavily in this kind of option, it’s likely to becomemore popular. However, many traders find themselves worried about using these kinds of robotic tools, especially where large sums of cash are concerned and there may first need to be a shift towards combating fraud.

An end to fraud?

Sadly, trading of any asset brings with it the risk of fraud and other financial crimes. Fraudulent behaviour is not a new thing of course.Even in the age before the internet, crimes such as wire fraud – which refers to the misuse of communications technology both traditional and modern – were happening long ago. But as traders turn to the future, there is a possibility that an end to fraud could be about to be found. That’s because while the internet offers more opportunities for criminals, it also offers more opportunities to combat them. With organisations like the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (or ASIC) able to publish long lists of potential fraudsters through sites like Scamwatch, it’s clear that information repositories thataim to tackle criminals have never been more widely available.

The trading industry is set to change over the years ahead, that’s understandable, as it has already changed so much in recent times. Traders look set to enjoya range of benefits, from a possible end to fraudulent behaviour to an increase in the benefits offered by online brokerage platforms, there’ll be something to help everyone enhance their career no matter which asset classes they trade.

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