Twitter Beta Testing Bitcoin Tipping Using Lightning Network

September 03, 2021, 11:00 AM AEST - 3 weeks ago

Twitter appears to be in the process of laying the foundation for allowing users to accept and tip in bitcoin through the lightning network.

Twitter – No Stranger to Bitcoin

Despite producing some of the most disruptive innovations of our time, most of Silicon Valley seemingly isn’t onboard with the monetary revolution that is Bitcoin – except for Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who recently started running his own Bitcoin node and who has always been a vocal public supporter.

We believe bitcoin will be the native currency of the internet. While there are many projects to help make the internet more decentralised, our focus is solely on a sound global monetary system for all.

Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO

In an earnings call earlier this year, Dorsey said that Bitcoin was indeed a “big part” of the company’s future and that it could further transform future products and services.

One such product recently announced is ‘Tip Jar‘ – a feature that allows users to make and receive tips natively within the Twitter app using PayPal, Venmo and Square’s Cash App.

Against that backdrop, it made sense that the company would eventually move to include bitcoin payments within ‘Tip Jar’.

Now it appears to be close to a reality, according to the MacRumors website, which has reported that:

Twitter’s latest beta update introduces support for providing content creators with bitcoin tips using the ‘Tip Jar’ feature that Twitter introduced earlier this year.


Dorsey Embraces Crypto

Despite the persistent criticism of Twitter’s censorship policies, Dorsey has remained one the more popular CEOs among the crypto community. His other company, Square, famously added US$50 million worth of bitcoin to the company’s balance sheet last year and in Q1, the company enjoyed US$3.5 billion in bitcoin-related revenue.

But Dorsey’s involvement within crypto doesn’t end with bitcoin. Twitter also recently announced that its decentralised social media project, dubbed ‘Blue Sky’, was progressing well following the recruitment of a project lead who had previously worked on privacy coin Zcash.

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