The OctoWallet Silo: Australia’s first versatile and holistic storage solution for your cryptocurrencies

August 17, 2018, 9:39 AM AEST - 3 years ago

Who are we?

Melbourne based blockchain technology start-up company, OctoWallet are extremely excited to announce Australia’s first innovative ‘on the go’ hardware wallet. The OctoWallet Silo is designed to protect your crypto assets and send transactions securely via a mobile application. The OctoWallet contains highly intensive sustainable security, including tamper-proof mechanism, true random number generator and advanced MCU.

Why choose us?

The OctoWallet team have ambitiously designed a stunning and powerful generous screen, fitting in the palm of your hand. This simplistic design allows users to effortlessly identify information with the use of physical buttons which prevents the likelihood of any accidental damage.

Thinking beyond what’s possible, the OctoWallet fills the gap in the industry, which is lacking a secure mobile compatible device at enterprise level. The OctoWallet improves the circulating status of hardware wallets by introducing holistic security methods built within a stronger aluminum-made device.

OctoWallet is currently compatible on Android mobile and can be simply plugged into your mobile device, making it easy to complete a transaction anywhere and at any time. The OctoWallet proudly supports over 8 coins including BTC, BCH, ETH, DASH and more.

Join us for the OctoWallet Silo Pre-Sale

How can you purchase an OctoWallet Silo?

OctoWallet will be hosting a exciting pre-sale event exclusively on String Funding. During the event, you can purchase OctoWallet tokens (OCT), which can be exchanged for the OctoWallet Silo. The pre-sale event begins on September 6th 2018.

The standard pricing of the OctoWallet is 139 OCT tokens. However, the early bird price is only $0.7 per token, or about $99 per wallet. This provides you with a fantastic discount in comparison to the retail price of $159 per wallet.

What is OCT token?

OCT token is a type of token backed by the value of OctoWallet. With the use of OCT token, OctoWallet can rapidly discover its price on the market.

Why should I purchase OCT tokens?

We believe token economy in the future will arise an evolution in the digital world. You can use OCT tokens to purchase an OctoWallet which has multi layered security to protect your private key. Your digital assets will be safe and secured with the OctoWallet. You can purchase an OctoWallet at a discounted price or transfer tokens to a potential hardware wallet user to receive a profit.


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