Zild Protocol To Be Launched On Worlds Fifth-Largest Exchange Bittrex Before Going Live

Sunday 09 May 2021, 11:29 PM AEST - 1 month ago

Moscow, Russia–ZILD Lending Protocol, which is a suite of decentralized protocols that support all sorts of ERC20 tokens lending, borrowing, and debt settlement capabilities, is about to launch on Bittrex. At present, there are more than 20,000 users on-chain addresses who own the token. The lending protocol, which a prominent player in Decentralized Financial sector (DeFi), is slated to be launched on Bittrex, the worlds fifth-largest exchange, on May 13.

Zild Lending Protocol, which is due to go live on May 19, has been double-checked by the US audit firm Certik and the Chinese audit firm SlowMist. Zild, which has a strong community consensus, is expected to have more than 100,000 participants in its Zild Lending business after its launch. Zild has the basic features of the current mainstream DeFi money markets protocol. At the same time, Zild has introduced a new model in terms of the scope of asset support and risk prevention, which makes it more widely applicable and safe.

At present, the existing money market protocols all adopt the Compound Single Pool model. Assets in the same pool can be each others collateral assets and borrowing assets. In this model, fluctuations in the value of any one asset spread to other assets in the pool. For example, a user deposits $10 million worth of asset A as collateral, and borrows $6 million worth of asset B. When the market price of A falls sharply to $4 million, the borrower who borrowed Asset B will choose not to repay the debt and simply give up the collateral asset. In this case, all users who deposit in Asset B will suffer a loss of $2 million, said a core team member of Zild.

Unlike the Compound single pool model, Zild uses multiple pools. In multiple pools, the assets of different pools are insulated from each other. After depositing assets in Pool A, the user can only borrow out the assets supported by those from Pool A. For those assets with large market flow and relatively stable value, a pool of basic assets with large scale can be formed. For those assets whose volatility is huge or have not experienced sufficient value verification, a pool with small initial asset size can also be established by flexibly setting indicators such as collateral rate and liquidation penalty rate. The Zild protocol provides the possibility for long tail assets to enter the DeFi money markets fiel ...

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