You wont believe the depths to which crypto scammers on Twitter are willing to sink

Wednesday 23 September 2020, 9:37 AM AEST - 1 month ago

Last Friday night, crypto YouTuber Ivan on Tech messaged me on Twitter. Shortly into our conversation, he graciously offered me an investment opportunity in Bitcoin trading/mining, courtesy of a platform that he alleged was associated with Binance.

A tale of two Ivans; the real one is on the left. Source: Twitter.

In reality, however, I was being approached by an Ivan impersonator, peddling a crypto affinity scam. The platform "Ivan" advertised, called Cryptobinance, has no affiliation with the actual Binance exchange, a representative of the company told Cointelegraph. But I played along with the scammer to see what additional information could be elicited from him. I told him that I was impressed by his offer and would be willing to invest 50 Bitcoin (BTC) into the scheme — funds that I claimed were part of my pension plan.

Cryptobinance investment packages. Source: Cryptobinance.

I registered at Cryptobinance. The next step for me would have been to send some Bitcoin to the supposed-exchange's address in order to fund my investment activity. According to data from Crystal Blockchain, the address supplied (39vgPqvsT1YbahCUcRrjtHR6a1oWaUZzxN) has been active since August 23 and has received 0.3 BTC thus far. The address appears to belong to a Coinbase user. We do not know if this is the only address that this particular scammer uses to solicit unsuspecting investors, but a search for this address on the Bitcoinabuse website did not return any reports.

Meanwhile, Ivans impersonator assured me that this investment would be fantastic for my portfolio:

Source: Twitter.

I was curious to see how low this scammer would go. After some consideration, I decided to invent a friend who I c ...

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