Yes, You Can Spend Your Bitcoin This Black Friday

Friday 27 November 2020, 2:43 AM AEST - 1 month ago

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Get ready to spend some bitcoin – and not just because of the great Black Friday deals.

Its the way to draw attention from your average buyer around the world…Were trying to attract the same people who are looking for deals to do the same thing with bitcoin, John Riggins, head of international operations at BTC Inc and organizer of Bitcoin Black Friday, told CoinDesk.

A number of crypto firms are also offering special discounts on products and services available to users everywhere.

Riggins and some participating merchants told CoinDesk that tech upgrades have improved transactional use of cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoins Lightning Network. Combined with the recent bitcoin price run and the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies across the world, this could make Black Friday 2020 the one to beat.

Some of these deals are available to people around the world only in bitcoin. If theyre in Vietnam and want to make a purchase from Newegg Australia, or if theyre in a country that faces extra scrutiny and cant use their credit card or bank account to buy things online, they can still use bitcoin and take advantage of these deals, Riggins said.

Secure wallet provider Ledger is offering 40% discounts through Nov. 30 on Nano S and Nano X wallets, Benoit Pellevoizin, VP of marketing at Ledger told CoinDesk.

Pellevoizin added the Nano S has a small storage capacity (two to three coins), ideal for backup, while the Nano X has a bigger stretch capacity and is Bluetooth-connected so you can use it on the go.

Shoppers can also browse through deals from online retailers for electronics (like Newegg) as well as food and home goods (< ...

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