XRP reaches Australia as FlashFX adopts Ripples cryptocurrency

XRP reaches Australia as FlashFX adopts Ripple's cryptocurrency

In a move that has given a boost to the cryptocurrency market, Flash FX, a payment transfer platform, has announced the launch of its latest cross border payment solution using XRP that is targeted to improve the concept of foreign exchange in Australia.

Nicolas Steiger, the Chief Executive Officer of FlashFX stated that:

We are excited to be part of the evolution in international payments processing. Its about time that consumers and businesses saw a meaningful change in how money is sent across borders. The service provides an alternative for Australians who want to send a payment faster and cheaper than banks currently provide.

FlashFX has always worked with the mantra of making cross border payments simple and effective, at the same time sharing Ripples vision of the Internet of Value. The company has also said that transmitting money and assets from one country to another should not be a tedious task but rather one that should be as simple as sending a text message.

The Ripple partner is also the first Australian digital asset business to obtain the Australian Financial Services License [AFSL] provided by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission [ASIC]. The XRP transactions have also been proven to be successful after assessments on the Bithomps platform as well as on xrpscan.


XRPs adoption by other platforms has made waves in the cryptocurrency market with recent news that Bitvolo Trustless Crypto Payment Gateway has added a plugin that enables writers to receive payments in crypto. The plugin is tasked to support XRP along with IOTA, Stellar [XLM] and Nano.

Ripple and XRPs push to mainstream adoption has been supported by multiple proponents in the cryptospace, with the recent example being a famous Japanese lawmaker stating the cryptocurrencies would develop explosively in the future. He had said:

The latest cryptographic asset-related technology has come so far. If we do not get involved in such advanced fields, Japan will be lagging… saying Japans technology is amazing and Japan celebrating cash settlements is going to be left in the world more and more…

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