Why Ethereum is more Gen z than Bitcoin

Saturday 28 November 2020, 9:27 AM AEST - 1 month ago

EthereumWhy Ethereum is more Gen z than Bitcoin 19

It is no surprise that Ethereum has the potential to appeal to the future generation because the inventor Vitalik Buterin was 21 when he launched the cryptocurrency.

Generation Z is the emerging generation who are so young that they are lucky to have found a job in this climate, and some are not legally allowed to work. Those aged between 8 and 23 are Gen Z, so they were born between 1997 and 2012.

They are the most tech-savvy generation, and most have grown up with smartphones and the latest apps. Technology has shifted more than ever for generation Z.

They have seen music transfer through different Ipod designs to speakers that can be controlled by their voice.

Pew Research Centre found that Generation Z is more attuned to a stable economy due to the record low unemployment they have grown in until the pandemic hit.

Generation Z is said to be the most diverse generation. Only 52% of Gen Z are white as opposed to 61% of Millenials being white.

The young population is on track for being the most well-educated generation so they like something that stimulates them intellectually with its complexity.


Ethereum is the King of Decentralised Finance ( DeFi) because of its ability to innovate continually. Decentralized Finance means that there is no need for a central force to control the coin.

There has been a 227% increase of ETH with DeFi. ETH works well with DeFi because it can seamlessly be used interchangeably with non-blockchain platforms. Ethereum can store information on the blockchain. Recently, Ethereum Classic Labs launched the Ethereum Classic, which will let people use DeFi via the ETH blockchain.

The Ethereum 2.0 is on its way, and it will introduce proof of stake element to the ecosystem. It is confirmed to launch on the 1st of December.

Thanks to constant technological advancements, Ethereum is set to be the grooviest cryptocurrency there is.

Ethereums diversity

Ethereum is more likely to appeal to this tech-savvy ...

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